Set Your Company Up for Success with LinkedIn Company Pages Part 1: Easy Ways to Refresh Your Page [VIDEO]

January 11, 2013

Companies are finding that their LinkedIn Company Page is a powerful and effective way to nurture leads and increase sales. In fact, we’ve found that 50% of LinkedIn members are more likely to purchase from a company they engage with on LinkedIn.

What accounts for this purchase behavior? Our research suggests it comes down to mindset. When people visit LinkedIn, they’re in a professional mindset. They actively seek insights and content that can help them be better professionals. And content from companies is wanted and expected. LinkedIn members are eager to hear from companies about new products and services, industry news, and career opportunities.

Building Your Company Presence on LinkedIn

A LinkedIn Company Page is your company’s home on LinkedIn. Your Company Page should be a compelling reflection of your organization, so start by considering what you want visitors to learn, think, and feel when they land on your page.

Then, follow these four easy steps:

1. Add a description of your business, culture, and specialties. 

Google indexes Company Pages, which means your page becomes a tool for strengthening your company’s rank in organic search results. The results will also display the first 156 characters of your company description, so be sure to lead with the most important information.

2. Choose a banner image that reflects your brand personality. 

3. Highlight key products, groups, and career opportunities in the right-hand modules.

4. Review: Is your page compelling? Is it easy for a member to see what makes you unique?

Looking for inspiration? Check out the 12 Best LinkedIn Company Pages of 2012.

Showcasing Your Products & Services

You can use the Products & Services section of your LinkedIn Company Page to introduce people to what you offer and drive business. Members can recommend your listed products or services, providing compelling social proof of their value that amplifies across the network.

Start by listing your most important product or service in the first position. (That’s the one that will be highlighted on the overview page.) Then, add some details, plus contact information for prospects that want to learn more.

Once you’ve listed your core products or services, start thinking about how to take this section to the next level:

1. Go beyond products: Showcase upcoming events, conferences, your mobile app, recent white papers. If it’s valuable to your audience, it should be included.

2. Tell a story through video: Videos increase engagement, so embed product or customer videos to bring your company to life.

3. Target your Products & Services page: Have products or services that are tailored for specific users? You can choose which content is shown to different members based on: member geography, company size, seniority, job function, or industry. In other words, members will only see products or services that are relevant for them.

Launching your company presence on LinkedIn is easy. Ready to get started? Go to the Companies Home Page or visit the Set Your Company Up for Success landing page to learn more.