Success Story: How One Business School Used LinkedIn To Increase Website Traffic by 300%

Queen’s School of Business Sparks Enthusiasm with Prospective Students on LinkedIn

January 15, 2015

If you were to venture inside the classroom at Queen’s School of Business, one of the world’s premier business schools, on display would be intelligent discussion that oozes thought leadership. So for Neil Bearse, Director of Marketing for Queen’s School of Business, it made perfect sense to use this thought leadership and the LinkedIn platform to give prospective students a taste of what it’s like to attend a top-notch business school. “Instead of simply promoting a list of bullet points about our program, we wanted to showcase the conversations that happen in our classrooms,” says Bearse. “And bringing insightful content to places where more people can see it and share it is part of that same goal.”

Similarly, in an effort to achieve our goal to help marketers like you succeed, we found it appropriate to share the following inspirational case study. You can find more inspiring success stories in our popular eBook “Shining a Spotlight on Success: How Six Companies are Winning with Sponsored Updates.”

How Queen’s School of Business Sparked Enthusiasm with Students on LinkedIn

The Challenge

Queen’s School of Business (QSB) sought to generate leads for its Executive M.B.A. program. To facilitate lead generation, QSB aimed to raise awareness of QSB Insight, the school’s thought leadership platform, while also increasing attendance at its Executive Education faculty webinars.

The Solution

QSB leveraged a two-pronged approach using LinkedIn Sponsored Updates and LinkedIn InMail. The Sponsored Updates promoted content from QSB Insight, the school’s thought leadership platform, along with upcoming webinars. At the same time, InMails helped to drive attendance for information sessions on degree programs. Advertising on LinkedIn allowed QSB to reach a new audience of prospective students. “We were using email marketing to promote our research and webinars to our alumni list,” says Bearse. “But we wanted to reach new people beyond our alumni and their colleagues.”

QSB reached a valuable, qualified audience by targeting Sponsored Updates and InMails based on seniority, education level, geography, and company size. “Targeting both the Sponsored Updates and the InMails to the right audiences was easy, because LinkedIn speaks about target segments the same way we do. There’s an actual checkbox for the people we want to reach – we don’t have to simply go on faith,” Bearse says.

The Results

Sponsored Updates increased traffic to QSB Insight by 300%, with heavy sharing and high-quality comments indicating further proof of the campaign’s engagement. “A recent QSB Insight post on inspiring business leaders was shared more than 600 times via LinkedIn,” said Bearse. “Regardless of the type of content we post, from videos to whitepapers to webinar invitations, the conversation never falls apart and there is no need to moderate. LinkedIn is the most effective digital channel for our content.”

Using LinkedIn Sponsored Updates and InMail, Queen’s School of Business:

  • Saw a 300% increase in traffic to its thought leadership platform, QSB Insight
  • Realized a 60% increase in webinar attendance
  • Generated 450 Leads for the Executive M.B.A. program

“LinkedIn is the perfect accelerator for great content, which helps us become more influential and change the way people think – while generating excitement about our programs both internally and externally,” says Bearse.

View the full Queen’s School of Business case study, including example content, below:

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