Introducing the B2B Jumpstart to Account-Based Marketing Guide

October 17, 2019

B2B Account-Based Marketing Guide

ABM: It stands for Account-Based Marketing, and soon it may represent All B2B Marketing.

We are well on our way, it seems. LinkedIn surveyed more than 800 B2B marketers around the world and found that more than half (56%) are currently using this strategic approach to business development, with 80% of all respondents saying they plan to increase their ABM budget in the next 12 months. 

Why is account-based marketing becoming so deeply prevalent in the B2B space? And what do you need to know about the principles and practices to make such programs successful? 

Our new guide, A B2B Marketing Jumpstart to Account-Based Marketing, holds all of your answers.

Why B2B Account-Based Marketing is a Natural Fit

There’s nothing all that complex or unconventional about account-based marketing. B2B organizations are already pursuing customer accounts that fit with their offerings; ABM simply brings more focus and structure to this pursuit. 

We define account-based marketing as “a strategy that directs marketing resources to engaging a specific set of target accounts.” In the scope of B2B marketing, there are a number of benefits inherent to this framework:

  • ABM creates an impetus and momentum for marketing and sales to become more tightly aligned.
  • This approach is built around personalization, which B2B buyers increasingly desire.
  • ABM also creates efficiencies by prioritizing high-value accounts and minimizing time spent on misaligned prospects.
  • 84% of companies using an ABM strategy say it offers higher ROI than other campaigns (per ITSMA).

With that said, there are a number of challenges faced by companies adopting a B2B account-based marketing strategy.

In the B2B Jumpstart guide, we explore these challenges and how to overcome them. But that’s not all. You’ll find plenty of other information and insights to help chart your course, including:

  • B2B account-based marketing usage statistics by region, company size, and industry
  • ABM goals, attitudes, needs, and challenges broken down by industry 
  • Tips for measuring success and tying your ABM efforts to concrete results
  • Delineation of various types of ABM strategies (Programmatic, Strategic, ABM Lite)
  • Brands and technologies that are driving ABM effectiveness
  • Guidance on maximizing LinkedIn as an ABM tool

Jumpstart Your B2B Account-Based Marketing Strategy

The ABM movement is in full force. Whether you’re merely dabbling with this strategy or already firmly engaged with it, our B2B account-based marketing guide will provide you with plenty of stats, benchmarks, and tactical recommendations to drive your program forward.

Your ideal customers are out there. Download the B2B Marketing Jumpstart to Account-Based Marketing now and learn how to convert them.