The Sophisticated Marketer's Podcast: Trade Show Marketing with David Spark

April 12, 2016

Trade shows are one of the stranger marketing opportunities out there. They’re essentially a massive, temporary corporate art installation. Just having a small booth on an exhibit floor can cost thousands of dollars an hour. Despite the cost, 75% of B2B marketers rate in-person events as a “most effective” tactic. It makes sense: Everyone there is self-selected to be interested in your industry.

Unfortunately, many brands miss the most important part of trade show success. They’ve got the fancy booth. They have eye-catching graphics. But they fail to close the last three feet between the booth and the main thoroughfare.

My guest for the podcast this week is an expert at increasing your trade show ROI: David Spark. David is the owner of Spark Media Solutions, and his latest book is Three Feet from Seven FiguresOne-on-One Engagement Techniques to Qualify More Leads at Trade Shows.

In addition to his marketing expertise, David is a recovering stand-up comedian (and secret juggler), so he knows how to keep a conversation lively. Listen to hear how to draw people into your exhibitor space, the little things exhibitors do that push people away, and how heavy metal gods Queensrÿche are rocking social media marketing,

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Listen in on the Conversation as David and I Discuss:

When Did Social Media Interaction Become a Chore? Most brands seem to use social media begrudgingly these days. David explains why social media interaction is an opportunity, not a pain.

How to Close the “Last Three Feet” at Trade Shows: David offers a can’t-miss multi-purpose conversation starter to bring foot traffic into your booth.

Your Worst Enemy at a Trade Show: It’s not rejection. It’s not competition. It’s not even convention hall hot dogs. David identifies your biggest trade show opponent, and how to beat it.

How to Create a Newsletter that Gets Read: Spark Media Solutions’ newsletter, Spark Notes, is a model of how to create engaging industry content. David discusses the philosophy behind the newsletter and how he keeps it compelling.

How to Create a Compelling Interview Video: David and his team have created dozens of funny, informative videos. He shares his tips for capturing memorable, spontaneous moments.

If you’re headed to a trade show this year—what David calls a “Corporate Burning Man”—definitely pick up a copy of Three Feet to Seven Figures to read on the flight there. And you can visit Spark Media Solutions to see the killer content David and his team are putting out on a regular basis.

Thanks to David for joining me, and thank you all for tuning in!

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