The Sophisticated Marketer’s Podcast: Video and Comedy with Brian Carter

August 30, 2016

The Sophisticated Marketer’s Podcast: Video and Comedy with Brian Carter

As content marketing started to catch on, brands found themselves turning into publishing houses to survive. Now video marketing is the next frontier. Will we need to add a Hollywood studio to our publishing wing? As usual in our industry, it’s both an exciting and scary time to be a marketer.

I asked my friend and colleague Brian Carter to come on the podcast and help clear up the current role of video in marketing, where it’s going, and what marketers need to know to do it right. Brian is a keynote speaker, standup comic, and digital marketing consultant. He’s an expert on getting the audience on your side, and is currently doing some really cool stuff with video.

Join us to learn why you shouldn’t ask a consultant for freebies, what essential equipment you need to start with video, and what my least favorite Def Leppard song is.

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Listen in on the Conversation as Brian and I Discuss:

Why You Shouldn’t Ask to “Pick Someone’s Brain Over Coffee.” Giving advice is a consultant’s career. Brian demonstrates how being too available decreases your value, and shows how he gets around people asking for free advice.

Is Live Video Ready for Marketing Primetime? In many ways, live video is still in its infancy. People are still figuring out what works and what doesn’t. Brian examines the opportunities and challenges live video holds for marketers.

What Should Marketers Share with Their Audience? Just talking about business isn’t enough to hold the audience’s attention. How much of your personal life should you share? Brian talks about his strategy for keeping people interested on social media.

The Most Important Part of Video Creation. It’s not an HD camera or a swanky boom mic. For Brian, it’s all about being entertaining. It’s about the writing, editing, acting, and story.

The Video Creation Starter Kit. Brian explains how he creates professional-quality video with about $200 worth of supplies (not counting his smartphone).

What Comedy Can Teach You about Marketing. “If you’re not killing, you’re dying.” Brian explains how he used improv classes and standup comedy to inform his marketing career.

Brian is a captivating speaker and an incredibly sharp guy. You can find him on Twitter @briancarter, and at

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