Which Tools and Features Help Optimize LinkedIn ROI? [Video]

November 30, 2017

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In my experience, the best way to learn something is usually by listening to people who already do it well. So in our quest to explore the ins and outs of proving ROI on LinkedIn, we thought it made sense to gain insight from those who are experiencing the greatest success.

Mike Weir, who works with LinkedIn’s marketing partners on a regular basis as our Vertical Director for the Technology Industry, has his finger on the pulse of what’s working best when it comes to achieving demonstrable results on the platform.

We sat with Mike and asked him some questions about measuring and optimizing ROI on LinkedIn. You can get the full scoop by scrolling down and watching the short video below, but first we’ll cover a few key takeaways from his interview:

What are the most effective marketers doing on LinkedIn?

“They’re all using the pixels and the tags that we have today for Website Demographics and Conversion Tracking for their foundation … We want to use our data to understand who’s trafficking your website, and who’s engaging with your ads, so that we can be more effective with our targeting and isolating the right types of audiences."

How can marketers generate even more ROI on LinkedIn?

“The best are adding a multi-product approach that allows them to really surround the members as they’re experiencing LinkedIn. So it’s layering in programmatic advertising, it’s layering in dynamic ads for a personalized ad experience. And then finding ways to use Sponsored InMail to deliver high-impact content or high-impact offers.”

How are the most effective marketers measuring ROI on LinkedIn?

“Getting away from some of the legacy metrics that can be false indicators. We like to understand what the clickthrough rate is and what the cost-per-click is, but mainly we want to work with clients to really look beyond those types of metrics, to look at ROI things like, ‘What’s your cost per lead?’ if we’re in a demand generation campaign. But beyond that, you help us understand, what’s the marketing impact on pipeline that we are helping generate together?”

How are marketers boosting ROI with LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms?

“It’s been hugely effective ... It’s actually been reducing the cost per leads by 30 percent. We’ve seen people that have cut their cost per lead in half by using Lead Gen Forms.”

Click play below to watch the full video, and once you’re ready to dig in further you can start your session and become an ROI master.

Mike Weir on How to Generate ROI with LinkedIn Advertising

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