The Ultimate Australian Marketer’s Mini-Guide to Native Advertising

July 15, 2015

AUS Native Advertising Guide

Connecting with consumers, building trust and achieving brand recognition are key pillars that make up the holy grail of online advertising. So what is one key way brands ensure they’re achieving connection, trust and recognition? Two words: native advertising.

As online advertising continues to outshine other forms of advertising, and the internet continues to evolve at warp speed, marketers need to up their ante. Australia’s online advertising market represented more than 25 percent of total advertising expenditure since 2013 and outperformed all other media channels for the year, according to Frost and Sullivan's The Australian Online Advertising Market report.

In our latest ebook, The Ultimate Australian Marketer's Mini-Guide to Native Advertising, expert native advertisers share insights into this new practice and how to maximize its effectiveness.

Gone are the days of relying on banner and display ads alone to lure consumers into your web. Being exposed to hundreds of commonplace marketing messages every day, the modern consumer is becoming just as savvy as the marketers themselves. Native advertising is taking up a greater slice of marketing budgets as consumers view content through mobile devices and the scrolling newsfeed increases in popularity. In order for brands to reposition themselves as trustworthy thought leaders, they need to provide consumers with marketing messages they’ll care about and that are relevant to them.

Unlike traditional display, banner or pay-per-click advertising forms that are limited by page placement and subsequently forgotten, native advertising dives right into the content stream, integrating with the existing content to become part of the editorial story. This paid form of advertising is designed to encourage positive brand sentiment and appeal to customers by providing content within the context of their own online experience.

By reinventing the look and feel of traditional online ads, native advertising gives marketers a platform to re-engage their audiences. This shift allows advertisements to become more informative, relevant, trustworthy and ultimately more engaging to the increasingly intelligent breed that is the modern consumer. 

Download the guide to learn:

  • The key advantages of utilising native advertising
  • Data supporting its success
  • The relationship between content marketing and native advertising
  • How to produce the most effective content for native advertising
  • Best practices for native advertising on social networks (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook)

Download the mini eBook today for insights into how native advertising can boost your marketing performance.

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