Toshiba Draws Over 160K Followers on LinkedIn in 8 Months

How content marketing on LinkedIn helped Toshiba grow its business

October 6, 2014

'Smart Community' is a buzzword on everyone’s lips today. So when Toshiba, a company whose corporate mission is to leverage communications technologies to promote renewable energies, set out to introduce its concept of a 'Smart Community', global awareness of its B2B project was low due to the abundance of ‘Smart Community’ related links already online. Countless business opportunities were being lost to Toshiba’s competitors because they were not showing up in the search results, and therefore were not being found by their target audience. But this was to be expected -- they simply were not producing content to help them rank in the top results.

In 2011, the company set up the "Toshiba Smart Community" website in English and Japanese, and leveraged content on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter to increase traffic and boost search rankings. But they faced a challenge: The increased traffic did not translate into sales.

Toshiba had to step up its game. In 2013, the Toshiba site was revamped with increased focused on content for B2B marketing, such as blogs and white papers. Marketers at Toshiba also worked hand-in-hand with LinkedIn to create a Showcase Page and SlideShare page as marketing tools to reach B2B professionals and potential customers worldwide. They also leveraged Sponsored Updates to effectively deliver content to targeted recipients.

"[With LinkedIn Sponsored Updates] you can update a specific group of LinkedIn users likely to be interested in particular content. The ability to change recipients based upon their level of interest is a benefit of LinkedIn."

- Mr. Takafumi Arai, Sales Division, Advertising Department, Digital Marketing Supervisor and Advisor, Toshiba Corporation

Toshiba linked its own "Toshiba Smart Community" site with a LinkedIn Showcase Page to deliver specific content to select LinkedIn users based on their industry, occupation and location. From their efforts over the last eight months, Toshiba's Showcase Page has attracted over 160,000 followers. The company has also leveraged SlideShare content ads to promote relevant content, reaching potential customers in Asia and even North America. As a result, SlideShare and LinkedIn have become the number one and number two social media platforms for converting visitors to customers for the business.

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