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    Revealed at last: The Secret Code for Successful Content

    July 20, 2017

    What makes some content fly in terms of reach, buzz and influence while other content struggles to make an impact at all? Is it the subject matter? The catchy headlines? The right format? What should you be creating content about – and how can you make sure that content hits home? With so many variables determining the success of content on social media it can...

  • SEO Tips

    SEO Best Practices for Marketers in 2017

    July 12, 2017

    Editor's Note: This post was contributed by Kevin Cotch, SEO Analyst at TopRank Marketing. SEO has changed quickly over the last few years, and will continue to change with new algorithms and technology appearing constantly. In fact, Google acknowledged that it changes its algorithms between 500 to 600 times a year. With so many changes, it is important to stay...

  • Artificial Intelligence and Content Marketing in 2017

    Artificial Intelligence and Content Marketing in 2017

    July 8, 2017

    Some futurists believe as artificial intelligence (AI) becomes smarter, it will lead to a technological singularity: humans and machines melding into one digital, biological entity. Such an explosion of intelligence would lead to an entirely new way of life. This prediction isn’t fantastical. Computer scientists forecast that by 2029 AI could be at about the...

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    Why (and How) Small Marketing Departments Should Engage in ...

    July 5, 2017

    Generating collaborative content is a simple and effective way to generate new content, create inbound links, and access other social...

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    Why I’ll Never Tell You When to Post on LinkedIn

    June 28, 2017

    Imagine a world where your whole LinkedIn audience is online to see your latest posts. If only it were so easy. Unfortunately, reality...

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    9 Tips for Collaborating with Designers

    June 26, 2017

    Editor's note: This post was contributed by Josh Richie, CEO/Cofounder at Column Five. At some point, people who work in content...