4 Tips to Creating a Great Employer Brand Video

August 8, 2018

Video is everywhere you look, and there’s no denying it’s a great medium to convey a message. In fact, viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when reading it in text. From movie trailers, to car commercials, to how-to videos, and more, companies have used video to advertise their wares for years. 

But what about using video to advertise to potential employees of those companies? Video can be a key component of telling an impactful employer brand story. 

“What makes a great employer brand video?” you might ask. Well, you’re in luck, because I’m going to share four critical components of a fantastic employer brand video! Follow these tips, and you’ll be on your way to inspiring people to come work for your company.

Be Honest and Authentic – Highlight real employees across all levels of your organization 

In any employer branding, be it video or something else, you always want to be authentic to who you are as an organization and honest about what you have to offer. Don’t have ping pong tables and free food? That’s totally ok, highlight the great things that you can uniquely offer. Maybe it’s cool, cutting edge products, community involvement, or awesome team collaboration – show what your employees love about working at your company. 

A simple way to do that is to highlight your own employees from all levels of your organization. Featuring a CEO or executive is fine, but complementing that with a diverse set of employees better represents the full picture of what a future employee will encounter. It gives a clearer view into life at your company. Just be sure to let your employees’ voices shine, don’t over-script them, let them be themselves. 

Wegman’s is a grocery chain that’s consistently ranked as one of the best companies to work for. Their employer brand video is a great example of how to showcase a variety of employees. Visually, you see all the different types of work they do, and in the voiceovers, you hear many of the reasons they love working for Wegman’s.

Make ‘Em Laugh (or Cry) - Create an emotional connection

Bland corporate videos aren’t going to resonate with anyone. Aim for an emotional hook that will draw people in and create a memorable experience. Part of the reason it’s so critical to build a strong employer brand, is that it can help attract the right talent to your organization and arm them with information that helps them self-select in or out. It’s the people that feel a connection to your company and values that you want to hire. They’re the ones who will add to your culture, stay with the company, and give their hard work and dedication to the organization’s goals. 

One fantastic example of a video that creates an emotional connection is the video from the Animal Humane Society that highlights all the different people and tasks that go into supporting the animals. (And no, it’s not heart-wrenching like those ASPCA commercials with Sarah Mclachlan. Come on... you know those made you tear up!) It’s got touching moments, cute animals, and adorable kids – how could you not feel something after watching this video?

Show, Don’t Tell - Find creative ways to exemplify your message

There’s a reason people say seeing is believing, it’s hard to deny what you see with your own eyes. So instead of telling people what it’s like to work at your company, show them what it’s like to work at your company. Do you have a casual dress code? Show people in their jeans. Do your employees build awesome products? Show the products being built. Is team collaboration important? Show clips of people working together. And don’t be afraid to get creative in how you do this! 

One of my all-time favorite employer brand videos is from Dropbox. Their employees like to have fun and they don’t take themselves too seriously – all of which is showcased in this amazing video. They found a super creative way to highlight their employees, their office environment, and their culture – all through the use of puppets!

Because I had two favorite videos, and couldn’t pick just one, this section gets a second example from the New Zealand Police Department. They wanted to showcase the diversity of their police force and encourage people of all backgrounds and disciplines to apply. They featured real police men and women in an action-packed “trailer” for jobs at the department.

Don’t forget the soundtrack! - Set the tone with the right music

I watched a lot of employer brand videos while doing research for this post, and one thing that all the good ones had in common, was great underlying music. Philip Ball, author of "The Music Instinct," says, “Our response to certain kinds of noise is something so profound in us that we can't switch it off. Film composers know that and use it to shortcut the logical part of our brain and get straight to the emotional centers.” While you probably can’t afford a composer like John Williams (of Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and Harry Potter fame, to name a few), you can select inspirational music to play in your video. It’s the little finishing touch that will elevate your overall message. 

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