7 Reasons Why You Should Use Video at Events to Strengthen Partner Relationships

October 10, 2018

LinkedIn and Dell Leaders Conversing at Event

How can you get the most out of events from a marketing standpoint? It’s a question that many of us are asking ourselves. And the answer may lie in leveraging video to drive digital event engagement.

The unique appeal of events, of course, is that they provide an opportunity to shake hands and interact face-to-face. That kind of relationship-building dynamic can’t exactly be replicated, but video is an excellent way to capture it, and in turn, solidify relationships with your most valued partners and customers.

Here are seven key reasons video can support such initiatives, along with examples of filmed interviews between leaders at LinkedIn and Dell to demonstrate our approach.

1. Continuing Value After Events End

Events tend to go by in a flash. You don’t want to confine the benefits to just the programmed days. By creating video you can capture the energy and ideas generated by the live experience, then build off that momentum in the following weeks.

2. Video is Extremely Engaging

The stats on B2B video are striking. Among them: 92% of mobile video consumers share videos with others, social video generates 1200% more shares than text and images combined, and 54% of executives share videos with colleagues on at least a weekly basis.

Nothing can quite match the immersion of actually being there to see an event, but video’s the next best thing, and an engaging format for existing or potential partners to relive the sessions and discussions that take place.

3. Creating and Editing Video is Relatively Inexpensive

Recording and editing tools are becoming cheaper and more portable all the time. In many cases, a smartphone camera will do the trick. In the case of the videos here with LinkedIn and Dell, it was simply a matter of setting up cameras in the right places, editing to highlight the speakers, and adding a few text overlays.

4. Generate Dialogues Between Sales and Clients

Creating videos at events can be a way for salespeople to forge meaningful conversations with partners and clients. In doing so, the salespeople are able to demonstrate their expertise while also building the credibility of your brand.

5. Use Videos to Spark and Nurture Other Relationships

Capturing these dialogues also equips salespeople with quality content, which can then be leveraged by the sales team to build relationships with other partners and clients. The high engagement factor makes videos well suited for this purpose.

6. Boost Sales and Marketing Alignment

Because the two departments must necessarily coordinate and work closely on these types of efforts, it can be another helpful step toward fostering the sales and marketing alignment that is absolutely critical for businesses today. At LinkedIn, we are adamant about this imperative, and so we see the creation of these videos as a way to practice what we preach.

7. Perfect Distribution Channel in LinkedIn

With a sizable business audience in a professional mindset, LinkedIn is an ideal place to share your event videos and reach valuable new prospects or potential partners.

If you’re committing the resources to attending an event, why not take the next step in maximizing its impact by recording video and putting it to use for your sales and marketing teams? For these seven reasons and more, it’s a no-brainer.

For plenty more guidance using video to captivate a professional audience, download our LinkedIn Video Ads Guide.