What’s Trending: Is Your Content Essential?

November 4, 2016

Water in Desert

Imagine a day in the desert without water. You’ve been walking all day and you’re incredibly thirsty. At that point, water would be the only thing you could think about. When you finally found an oasis, you would drink deeply.

Now imagine during that desert journey that you had a bag of potato chips with you. They’re good chips, but they’re not what you desperately need. If they fell out of your pack, you wouldn’t miss them.

If customers aren’t responding to your content, you may be offering potato chips to the parched. When content is essential, it’s impossible to ignore – when it’s irrelevant, it’s impossible to care about.

This week’s roundup of top marketing articles can help you create content your audience craves. Read on to learn how to use humor with your brand, write first sentences that invite readers in, and develop a strategy to build anticipation for your content.

What’s Trending in Marketing This Week:

1. The One Content Marketing Question You Need to Ask (That May Scare You)
If your content went away tomorrow, would anyone miss it? If not, these tips from Content Marketing Institute’s Michele Linn can help you build (and justify) audience anticipation.

2. How to Use Humor to Power Up Your Content Marketing
Learn how to take an approach to humor that best suits your audience in this article from Crazy Egg and Hello Bar Co-Founder Neil Patel.

3. Content Marketing Strategy Sessions: How to Help Content Creation Lead the Team
Join panelists Ardath Albee, Dusty DiMercurio, Skyler Moss, and Carla Johnson for this discussion on creating content more efficiently with a small team.

4. 7 Simple Tweaks that Will Make You a LinkedIn Expert

Learn how to strategically approach your LinkedIn activity for better results with these tips from Pickaweb Ltd Managing Director Tony Messer.

5. How to Write a Winning First Sentence

“It was a dark and stormy night” doesn’t quite cut it anymore. Find out how to write a lead sentence that invites readers in with this article from Rainmaker Digital’s Pamela Wilson.

6. Telling Bigger, Bolder and Braver Stories to Your Audience
Marketing Profs CCO Ann Handley shares a generous number of secrets for creating content that moves an audience in this hour-long webinar.

7. 8 Social Media Content Ideas for Marketers

If you’re having trouble keeping a half-dozen social media channels full of engaging content, Danielle McFadden can help. This Social Media Examiner article has enough variations on eight content types to fill out your content calendar for the month.

8. Why Marketers Must Move Beyond “Branded Content” and Create Entertainment
Hardly any of us have the budget to make a Lego Movie, or a Marvel Cinematic Universe. But the basic principles underlying these successes are accessible to all marketers. Saville Productions Owner Rupert Maconick explains how.

9. The Top 10 Conversion Lessons One Agency Learned After Critiquing 100+ Websites
If there were a website tweak you could make today that would improve conversions tomorrow, you’d want to know about it, right? Let the tweaking begin with IMPACT Branding & Design’s Ramona Sukhraj’s top conversion lessons.

10. The Trends that Will Shape Digital Marketing in 2017
Explore how mobile marketing, programmatic ad buying, and audience mindsets will evolve in the coming year with this SlideShare from Tobias Zehnder, Co-Founder & Partner at Webrepublic.

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