What’s Trending: Less Labor, Better Results

September 2, 2016

Woman Relaxes in a Hammock

It’s time for the last long weekend of the summer, the holiday where we celebrate workers’ rights by taking the day off. Monday is Labor Day, and I hope you have big plans to do as little as possible.

Odds are you will catch yourself checking the work email a few times throughout the weekend, though. A marketer’s work is never done. That’s why any resource that can help us work smarter, or get better results with less effort, is always appreciated. We’re not lazy; we’re chronically overbooked.

This week’s roundup is centered on articles that offer ways to improve your marketing that won’t add to your overhead. Read on to learn how to create traffic-boosting blog concepts, get a handle on your SEO, and more.

This Week’s Top Marketing Content:

1. What Types of Content Actually Drive Traffic?

According to Wishpond’s Kevin Ho, just six content types are responsible for the vast majority of views and shares. Kevin explains how to pull off each type with real-world examples.

2. Prove Your Worth: Social Media Measurement

In this SlideShare from Social Fresh 2016, marketing strategist Zontee Hou explains how to identify key metrics for each stage of the buyer journey.

3. 9 Things about Content You Can’t Get Wrong and Succeed

Content marketing isn’t free, a fad, or a casual undertaking, says Pickaweb LTD CEO Tony Messer. Check out Tony’s article for often-overlooked aspects of content marketing success.

4. Why It’s a Very Good sign that People Don’t Read Your Content

Could the highest form of flattery on the web be sharing someone’s content without reading it? Marketing consultant Mark Schaefer explains why these non-reading promoters are an invaluable asset.

5. 10 Steps to Make Your Social Media Marketing Strategy Rock

Marketo’s Lisa Marcyes and Scott Minor present this hour-long webinar on social media strategy, from creating engagement to measuring success.

6. Think outside the eBook: 12 Fresh Content Ideas

The noble eBook is great as an anchor for your content strategy. But your audience craves variety, visual stimulation, even interaction. Invoca’s Laura Schierberl shares a dozen road-tested ways to keep readers engaged.

7. Content Marketing Lessons from BuzzFeed

BuzzFeed: The site content marketers love to hate. Their success is inspiring, but their content seems to embody the industry’s worst habits. Marketing Insider Group CEO Michael Brenner cuts through the hype to find four valuable lessons marketers can use. #3 will BLOW YOUR MIND!

8. The Two-Part SEO Ranking Model: Let’s Make SEO Simple

Stone Temple Consulting CEO Eric Enge reduces SEO to two factors—content quality and links—and explains a strategic approach to both in this article.

9. How to Connect with a Hard-to-Reach Audience: A Niche Marketing Strategy

Learn how to create and target content to a small, specific audience with this success story featuring the unlikely success of the Pickleball Channel, courtesy of blogger Dawn Papandrea.

10. The Secrets to Making Your Content Marketing Relevant

Learn how to add context to how your content is created and delivered in this Social Fresh 2016 SlideShare from consultant Melanie Deziel.

For more advice on getting maximum results from your labor on LinkedIn, download The LinkedIn Content Marketing Tactical Plan.