What’s Trending: The Continuing Journey of Marketing Optimization

September 28, 2018

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The mark of a successful marketer is that they’re never satisfied.

Oh, we might celebrate a particularly popular piece of content. We might indulge in a quick back-pat if our conversion rate goes up. But on the whole, marketers are all about the endless pursuit of excellence. Measure, optimize, repeat: There’s always opportunity for improvement.

Fortunately, there’s no shortage of ways marketers can optimize. We can upgrade visuals to attract more attention. We can repurpose and revamp content to improve search rankings. We can bring in influencers to help amplify our content and reach new audiences.

This week’s roundup includes a wealth of opportunities for marketers to continue their never-ending journey of optimization. Read on to improve everything from content to email to your own personal career journey.

What Marketers Were Reading and Sharing Most This Week

1. Why & How to Repurpose Your Existing Digital Content

Learn how to transform your underperforming and out-of-date content with this in-depth guide from Search Engine Journal Managing Partner Brent Csutoras.

2. The 2 Types of Emails Your Content Marketing Strategy Needs

Email is the unique digital marketing tactic that just keeps getting more effective as it ages. Influence & Co.’s Carrie Watkins explains how to make the most of your subscriber list.

3. How to Track Social Media Traffic Using Google Analytics

Measurement Marketer Chris Mercer dives deep into the specifics for this GA tutorial. We’ve already established that marketing is a never-ending journey of measurement and optimization. Social media marketing shouldn’t be any different.

4. 12 Marketing Skills You Need to Survive in the Age of AI

Human empathy and intuition will always be part of marketing, even as AI takes over the repetitive and robotic aspects of the job. Learn what skills will help you embrace the AI revolution in this piece from  Neil Patel.

5. Why B2B Companies Have a Content Marketing Advantage

How can “boring” B2B companies compete with the thrilling content that brand giants like Red Bull produce? Trick question: It’s not a competition. Contently Head of Content Strategy Joe Lazauskas explains why B2B content marketing can accomplish more with less effort than B2C can.

6. How to Pick Better Images for Social Media

Visuals are crucial on social media. The battle for audience attention is fierce and feeds move fast. Manish Dudharejia, Founder & CEO of E2M Solutions, presents research-backed recommendations in this Content Marketing Institute article.

7. Why Jargon Can Be Detrimental to Your Brand Voice & Tone

The vocabulary your content uses can either invite your audience in or shut them out. MarketingProfs CCO Ann Handley details how your brand voice can stay on the right side of the equation.

8. How to Make a Big Impact with a Small Influencer Marketing Budget

Follower counts can be deceiving when it comes to influencer marketing effectiveness. Sometimes smaller influencers can make a bigger impact. This guide from Dan Bagby at Seasoned Influence can help you get the most from your influencer investment.

9. 7 Content Marketing Trends You Need to Follow

Marketing Insider Group CEO Michael Brenner explores the latest developments in content marketing from personalized content to artificial intelligence.

10. Infographic: 64 Content Marketing Stats to Inform Your Strategy

This massive infographic from iScribblers collects useful B2B marketing stats from a variety of sources, making it a great snapshot of the current state of content marketing.


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