What’s Trending: Storytelling, Marketing and Superheroes

November 16, 2018

storytelling in marketing

A true multimedia legend left us this week. Stan Lee was more than just the public face of Marvel comics. As a writer, he helped create the heroes that crowd the multiplex today. As an editor, he helped promote new and diverse voices, proving that comic books could be more than kids stuff. We can learn much from Stan Lee about putting the storytelling in marketing.

Stan’s heroes were compelling because they were human. They weren’t stuffy gods or inscrutable aliens — they had emotions and made mistakes. They had messy personal lives to balance out their crime-fighting alter egos. Stan told their stories with humor, warmth, and empathy. Then he would address his fans directly in the letters section of each book.

In short, Stan Lee pioneered the principles that should guide marketers to this day. Storytelling, transparency, authenticity: Stan had them all in abundance. Marketers would do well to follow in his footsteps. They may not lead you to making billions at the box office, of course. But if you focus on telling amazing stories through a distinctly human lens, if you show your audience the people behind the brand, you’re sure to see truly spectacular results.

This week’s roundup can help develop your content marketing superpowers. Read on for incredible, uncanny, amazing content.

Storytelling In Marketing: What Marketers Were Reading and Sharing Most This Week

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10. How LinkedIn Is Humanizing the B2B Brand Marketing Strategy

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