What’s Trending: New Year, Who’s This?

January 7, 2019

What makes New Year’s Day so special? For most of us, it’s a time to reflect on the year, to think about who we are and who we want to be, to plan the next 12 months. Honestly, though, we could do that just as easily on February 27th, or March 8th. Why treat January 1st like it has magic powers of renewal?

Think of it like the starting line on a racetrack. That line is arbitrary. You could put it anywhere. But wherever it is, each time you cross it you’ve made a full lap. You can pause, strategize, figure out how to make the next lap better. The starting line isn’t magical — it’s just an opportunity for you to work your own magic.

Here at LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, our New Year’s resolution is the same as always: to help marketers be brilliant in their jobs, continue their education, and maybe even improve their lives outside of work. To get started on that resolution, here is this week’s roundup of trending content. Read on to learn how to turn complex ideas into clear and simple content, how to boost your SEO strategy, and more.

What Marketers Were Reading and Sharing Most This Week:

1. The B2C Route to B2B Customer Acquisition

Learn how a marketing team used B2C-style, data-driven tactics to attract B2B business in this interview with Leah Walters, Head of Communications at Monday.com.

2. AI, Automation and Analytics: 3 Critical Strategies for CMOs in 2019 and Beyond

This isn’t your typical trends piece: BrightEdge Executive and CMO Advisor Andy Betts narrows the focus and keeps his advice hyper-relevant and actionable in this post for MarketingLand.

3. 10 Tips to Simplify Complex Content for Your Audience

It’s a problem any B2B content marketer knows all too well: How do you create clear and engaging content about dry and convoluted subject matter? Ron Lieback, Founder & CEO of ContentMender, shares his solutions.

4. 2019 Predictions & Trends for Fearless Marketers

Get inspired for the coming year with this informative, aspirational, and very purple infographic from Marketo.

5. 6 Content Marketing Mistakes that Are Killing Your Entire SEO Strategy

Freelance writer Elise Dopson brings impressive depth and breadth to this SEO guide, with plenty of step-by-step instructions to improve your organic reach.

6. Top B2B Influencer Marketing Trends to Watch

How can B2B marketers get an influencer’s attention, respect privacy, and choose the right voices for their audiences? TopRank Marketing’s Ashley Zeckman has the answers.

7. 3 New Kinds of Goals to Consider for 2019

We’re all going to eat less sugar and go to the gym more in the coming year. But changing the way you think about goals can make you a better marketer. Copyblogger’s Sonia Simone delivers the goods in this thoughtful piece.

8. How to Plan a Successful Influencer Marketing Campaign

This guide from Captiv8 Labs Co-Founder Krishna Subramanian is perfectly balanced: It’s detailed enough to be valuable, but short and simple enough to be an easy read.

9. 8 Surprising Lessons I Learned from Writing 200 Articles on LinkedIn

Write what you don’t know? Pick topics that aren’t trending? LinkedIn Top Voice Glenn Leibowitz overturns conventional wisdom in enlightening ways with this post.

10. The Innovation Factor

How can B2B brands get over their Nike/Red Bull/Lego envy and create innovative content marketing? Global Keynote Speaker Carla Johnson offers advice on how to overcome Brand Dissociative Disorder in this newly-released clip from CMWorld 2018:

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