What’s Trending: Become a B2B Video Marketing Star

April 6, 2018

LinkedIn Video Ads

As you might have heard, LinkedIn officially rolled out video for Sponsored Content and Company Pages last week. This feature opens up a whole new frontier of social content engagement for B2B brands.

To celebrate, we’ve exclusively dedicated our blog this week to helping you master the critical tactic. We encourage you to check out our posts on components of effective B2B video, types of video that work best for key business objectives, and how to create awesome B2B video on a lower budget.

But we aren’t the only ones with this topic on our minds. All around the web, people are talking about video marketing, and it’s not just because of LinkedIn’s video ad launch. Data trends make it clear that this medium is rapidly on the rise, and – as Meryl Draper wrote last month for MarketingProfs – B2B marketers who don’t ‘do video’ are at risk of being left behind.

In our ongoing quest to keep you firmly ahead of the curve, we’ll stay focused on B2B video for our trending roundup this week, highlighting some of the best advice and insights from varied experts.

Read on and find out how marketing stars can crush it with video.

What Marketers Were Reading and Sharing Most This Week:

1. 4 Ways B-to-B Marketers Should Be Using Mobile Video

Calling it “one of the biggest opportunities in 2018,” Tomer Cohen offers four suggestions for maximizing your video marketing impact with a mobile audience.

2. Why B2B Video Marketing Strategies Are Evolving in 2018

What is behind the recent video marketing groundswell in B2B? Michael Brenner examines some of the main reasons for increased traction, including cost, strategy, and targeting.

3. 6 Common Mistakes in Video Marketing

This clip from Swift Films, with managing director Richard Nicholls discussing six missteps to avoid, serves as a good example of how B2B companies can use helpful video content to inform and engage their audiences:

4. 10 Uses of Video for B2B Marketing

B2B video can help your organization achieve a wide variety of objectives. At MarTech Advisor, Vandita Grover outlines 10 of them, from engagement to lead generation to boosting conversions and more.

5. How to Use LinkedIn Native Videos to Skyrocket Engagement

As Neil Patel notes, LinkedIn ranks second only to email as favorable channels for sharing business-related content. Click to find plenty of his tips for getting the most out of native video on the platform.

6. How To Develop A Video Marketing Strategy That Brings Results

The team at wave.video put together this helpful SlideShare to walk us through the process of developing and executive a fruitful video marketing strategy:

7. How to Create Engaging Short Videos for Social Media (Including 7 Excellent Examples)

Brevity is essential when creating video clips for social media feeds. This comprehensive instructional post via Alfredo Lua of Buffer provides plenty of pointers for optimizing your approach.

8. LinkedIn Just Launched Native Video Ads. Here’s What It Means for Marketers

“The significance of this product release should not be underestimated, especially for B2B brands.” John White elaborates and covers important takeaways for marketers.

9. Interview with Jay Baer, Founder, Convince & Convert

Rohan Jagan chatted with the great Jay Baer about a number of pertinent B2B digital marketing topics, and you can read their conversation at MarTech Series. What does Jay believe to be the best way for content marketers to succeed in 2018? “If I had to pick a horse to ride this year, I’d probably choose video, provided it’s hyper-relevant, useful, and entertaining.”

10. Three Ways to Up Your Video Marketing Game

This tactical breakdown from Ann Smarty includes some stellar insights around planning and monetizing your video campaigns.

Ready to become a B2B video star? Explore LinkedIn video ads a little further and get going with your first B2B video on a budget today!