What’s Trending: ‘Tis the Season to Dial In Your Digital Marketing Strategy

November 23, 2018

Almost every year, Black Friday is the busiest shopping day on the calendar. This is the result of a perfect confluence of circumstances.

With Thanksgiving freshly in the rearview, consumers rapidly turn their attention toward the holiday season. Many folks also happen to have this particular Friday off from work. In order to strike on such a prime opportunity, retailers offer up massive deals and discounts to compel shoppers into immediate action.

While anyone who ventures out is still destined to face a hectic scene with big crowds, we are seeing a shift take place. Last year, the number of people visiting stores on Thanksgiving and Black Friday declined by 4% from 2016, while online sales rose 18% to hit a record of $7.9 billion.

It’s another reflection of how commerce is evolving, as customers opt toward the ease and convenience of digital experiences. Those of us operating in the B2B space are already accustomed to this new reality; while B2C ecommerce sales hit a record $2.3 trillion last year, B2B ecommerce sales were nearly triple that, at $7.7 trillion.

B2B digital marketers and advertisers are enjoying their own favorable confluence of circumstances. More buyers are purchasing digitally (even when they don’t make the final transaction online, they almost always research and evaluate via the web), and we now have more data, tools, and buyer-centric strategies to serve them than ever before.

While these next few weeks on the calendar don’t present the same hotbed for sales in the world of B2B products and solutions as B2C retail, we shouldn’t overlook the heightened opportunity, driven by three primary factors:

  • Many budgets have to be spent by year’s end
  • There’s less competition
  • Decision makers are planning for next year

To help you gear up for your final push of 2018, here’s some of the past week’s top trending content for marketers.

What Marketers Were Reading and Sharing Most This Week:

1. 6 Tips for Writing Social Media Ad Copy That Converts

At a time where prospects may be more inclined to buy, it’s all the more crucial that our ad copy hit home. Ashley Ward offers up some helpful tips for optimizing your social media ads; each is a helpful practice for LinkedIn campaigns.

2. Build a Great Brand: Align What You Think, Do, and Say

The first recommendation in the previous article? “Extend your brand voice to your ad copy.” At Content Marketing Institute (CMI), Bethany Johnson takes this directive one step further by urging brands to seek full alignment with their purpose, messaging, and actions.

3. 3 Empowering Small Business Tips for Today, 2019, and a Better Future

Just in time for Small Business Saturday, Moz has some helpful pointers for the entrepreneurial crowd. “Make 2019 the year you put the Internet to work for you and your community,” they suggest. Oh, in case you hadn’t heard, we’ll be kicking off SMB Week here on this blog next Monday! Good news: you can still sign up for Tuesday’s Growing an Active Community for Your Brand live webinar.

4. The 7 Key Principles of B2B Word of Mouth Marketing

For businesses of all sizes, word-of-mouth is a critical consideration. Jay Baer says 91% of all B2B purchases are influenced by customer conversations. Here he lays out his operational framework for strategic WOM: Talk Triggers.

5. LinkedIn Just Relaunched Company Pages as LinkedIn Pages. Here’s What You Need To Know.

You may have heard about the exciting news we just shared. HubSpot’s Alex Girard published a good breakdown of the new Pages experience and how marketers can capitalize. Earlier this week we shared 10 content ideas for your LinkedIn Page.

6. 50 B2B Marketing Influencers and Experts to Follow Into 2019

A new year requires bold new thinking. TopRank Marketing’s Lane Ellis put together a bountiful compilation of bright B2B minds worthy of our attention. You’ll find plenty of great LinkedIn follows on the list, including our own Sean Callahan!

7. Why Both Data & Relationships are Essential to Personalized Marketing

“We build relationships in our personal lives in large part by remembering information about other people—and using it in positive ways,” writes Grace Lau at Marketo. It’s true. Birthdays, anniversaries, even just past interactions can spark genuine connections and conversations. Data empowers us to develop real relationships with customers.

8. 3 Keys to a Successful Conversational Marketing Program

Of course, real relationships require two-way channels, which is why conversational marketing is an important aspect of personalizing your approach. Kirsten Lyons unpacks three cornerstones for creating brand/customer dialogues: interactive content, live chat, and social media.

9. B2B Influencer Marketing: How to Be Effective Without Being Annoying

Out with the templated greetings, in with the authenticity: David Crane delivers his commandments of B2B influencer marketing done right.

10. 2018 Blogging Research: How Does Your Blog Compare To The Best

Bloggers who invest more time, and words, into blog creation report stronger results. Posting frequencies are all over the place. Heidi Cohen dives into a new blogging survey from Orbit Media to surface insights and actionable takeaways.

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