What’s Trending: Marketing GOOOOOAAAALS!

June 8, 2018

Packed Soccer Stadium

Soccer is in many ways a complex game, full of intricacies, varied techniques, and specialized rules.

In another respect, though, it’s pretty simple: kick the ball past the goalie and into the net.

Much like a forward dribbling through defenders before staring down a stingy netminder, marketers face plenty of challenges on the way to reaching their goals. But at the end of the day, what matters is getting it done. Whether the desired outcome is leads, conversions, or customers, we are judged by our ability to put points on the board (so to speak).

With the 2018 FIFA World Cup set to get underway next week in Russia, people around the globe are turning their attention to the pitch. So, as we prepare for a flurry of enthusiastic “GOOOOOAAAAL!” calls from excitable announcers, we wanted to look at key marketing goals and how best to achieve them.

Luckily, plenty of smart folks are ready to lend an assist. We’ve rounded up the best guidance and insights for this week’s rundown, which kicks off below with an objective-oriented exploration of one of our favorite subjects: B2B video marketing.

What Marketers Were Reading and Sharing Most This Week:

1. How to Select the Right Type of Video for Your B2B Marketing Goals

Teasers, trailers, explainers, and video essays: these different B2B video formats help drive different actions. At the TopRank Marketing Blog, Anne Leuman presents tips for choosing the right type of video to align with your objective.

2. How to Use Influencer Marketing to Meet Your Company’s Goals

The data makes it clear: influencer marketing works and isn’t going away — especially with millennials valuing peer recommendations more highly than other cohorts. And it is the trusted niche experts, rather than celebrities, who are most impactful for inspiring purchases. This guide from Megan Krause offers great advice on approaching influencers and setting them up for success.

3. How to Increase Clicks by Mastering Your Headlines

Headers are a staple of both soccer and marketing (different kinds, of course). Just as a well struck carom off the forehead can plant a ball in the net, a well written headline can entice a reader to take the next step. These pointers via Neil Patel are applicable for almost any type of content, from blogs to videos to ads and beyond.

4. 5 Tips on Conversation Rate Optimization

No, that’s not a typo. Putting a twist on the traditional concept of conversion rate optimization, Jake Sapirstein looks at methods we can adopt to drive more conversations, which are critical for building relationships and often precede the eventual conversion.

5. Which Content Marketing Formats Support B2B Buyers?

What are decision makers seeking out while researching business purchases? At Smart Insights, Dave Chaffey breaks down the results of a recent poll to highlight the most valued B2B content assets.

6. How to Create and Manage Account-Based Marketing Content

ABM definitely works, but requires greater sophistication and personalization with your content creation. Pam Neely lays out some guidelines and examples.

7. When Sales and Marketing Aren’t Aligned, Both Suffer

“Marketing and sales departments often set their strategies, and goals, separately from each other ... This both demotivates salespeople and inadvertently encourages them to sacrifice company profits to meet their own goals.” As this enlightening piece from Harvard Business Review explains, it is crucial that everyone be working toward the same unified goals.

8. 4 Secrets of Great Storytellers

When the goal is capturing and retaining someone’s attention, stories are often your best bet. Stephanie Stahl shares best practices from folks who really know how to craft a narrative. For more on B2B storytelling, check out the latest issue of the Sophisticated Marketer Quarterly, which explores the topic in-depth.

9. The Content Consistency Imperative

We often hear about the crucial importance of consistency with content creation. But why is it so essential? Mark Schaefer explains it eloquently in his post. “You need to become part of the fabric of your audience’s life. And that means being reliable.”

10. Content Brainstorming: 8 Techniques to Come Up with Better Ideas

Running on empty with your content ideation? These suggestions from James Brockbank might help kick your creativity into gear.

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