What’s Trending: Question Conventions for a Fresh Look

June 1, 2018

Upside Down View Through Camera Lens

What if we transformed the traditional concept of a marketing funnel into a “double funnel”?

What if B2B brands started taking more consumer-centric approaches?

What if locally based organizations adopted global mindsets?

These kinds of “what ifs” are what’s trending this week in the world of marketing. Around the web, writers have been finding creative new angles to disrupt the norm, challenging marketers to rethink the status quo.

We’re highlighting a few such articles as we kick off our latest recap of trending content for the marketing crowd. So open your mind and let’s take a walk on the wild side.

What Marketers Were Reading and Sharing Most This Week:

1. Why A Double Funnel Strategy Is A Game-Changer For B2B Marketers

Account-based marketing and the more conventional inbound demand generation are not mutually exclusive models, writes Alli Biggs. Both become more effective when they are combined, helping marketers capitalize on their best leads with more focused nurture campaigns.

2. Meet the $30bn Brand Trying to ‘Consumerise’ B2B

Although only 15% of 3M’s revenue comes from consumer products, the company is actively working to apply a more B2C-style approach throughout its marketing operation. Charlotte Rogers of Marketing Week shares the story, plus lessons we can learn from 3M’s efforts to humanize the brand. “Seizing the crossover opportunities between B2C and B2B means focusing on collaboration, resisting the urge to take a top-down approach and embracing agility.”

3. 3 Content Strategies to Plan for Global Markets

The idea of expanding your marketing across borders might feel intimidating, especially if the global arena is presently foreign territory for your business. But here Beth Worthy offers some helpful pointers, narrowing the desired outcome to a “localized content marketing plan that is tailored to the specific target audiences.”

4. It’s Alive! Image SEO is Back from the Dead

For several years, optimizing images for search largely felt like a waste of time, because it just didn’t make much of an impact. But now that Google has removed the “view image” button from results, this appears to be changing. Anthony Muller has the research to back it up.

5. The Ultimate Guide to Conquering Content Marketing

Obstacles. Pitfalls. And always another level of difficulty awaiting. Video games feel like an apt metaphor for today’s content marketing landscape, so I enjoyed the 8-bit theme of this guide via CMI and TopRank Marketing, featuring tips and tricks from a variety of experts and leaders:

6. 3 B2B Tech Brands with Stand-Out Visual Content Marketing

We’ve said it often: striking visuals are crucial for drawing attention to your content. It can be especially inspiring to see companies in traditionally dryer verticals like B2B tech come through with stellar aesthetics, so these examples shared by Daniel Tay are worth studying.

7. 8 Strategies to Embrace the Future of Content Marketing

Taking a look at content marketing trends and where they seem to be leading us, Justin Lee suggests eight strategies that will position you for success going forward.

8. The 11 Most Important Parts of SEO You Need to Get Right

Sometimes SEO can feel so overwhelmingly complicated. This primer from Brian Harnishsimplifies the wide-reaching practice by boiling it down to 11 foundational focuses.

9. The Four Steps to Overcome B2B Marketing Challenges

Disparate data, along with a complex assortment of internal partners and stakeholders, can make life difficult for B2B marketers. Fortunately, Leah Pope has a blueprint for staying on track.

10. Vanity Metrics Spread Doubt About Digital Marketing’s Effectiveness

A new study, cited in this piece by Ross Benes, helps crystallize something that many of us are already seeing: the true impact of marketing being muddled by flimsy vanity metrics that don’t actually convey ROI. It’s high time for marketers to prove their worth by measuring what matters — this will be a key emphasis here on our blog for the rest of the year, so stay tuned.

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