What’s Trending: Lights, Camera, Video Content!

December 7, 2018

Become a Rockstar with Video Content Marketing

First video took down the radio star. Now it’s coming for content marketing.

Of course, video won’t replace every bit of written content — nor should it. But audiences are spending a third of their time online watching video. More people are watching than ever before, and the costs of creating video have never been lower.  If your marketing team hasn’t tried video yet, it’s likely time for a test run.

This week’s roundup features posts about creating, optimizing and amplifying video content. But it’s not all moving pictures; there is also plenty of advice on blog content, SEO, and more.

What Marketers Were Reading and Sharing Most This Week:

1. Six Ways to Boost Organic Video Results

Senior SEO Specialist Joe Goers explains how to optimize your video content for humans and search engines in this insightful piece.

2. 5 Trends that Will Define the Future of Marketing Automation

Marketing Consultant Inga Romanoff makes sense of buzzwords like “omni-channel” and “permission marketing” in this insightful trends piece.

3. The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Content Marketing

This guide to AI in marketing is grounded and practical, focusing on what’s ready to go right now and how marketers can use it. Tekslate and Mindmajix Content Lead Ravindra Savaram cuts straight through the hype.

4. Three Ways Content Marketers Can Optimize Marketing Performance with Data

TopRank Marketing CEO Lee Odden explains how publicly-available and brand-owned data can influence audiences at each stage of the marketing funnel.

5. Rethinking Your Approach to Marketing

In this five-minute video, Tara Hunt explains how marketers can let go of interruption marketing, avoid ad fatigue and content shock, and make genuine connections with their target audiences.

6. Organic SEO Vs. Social Media Marketing: Which Is Better?

Spoiler alert: Marketers should be using both of these tactics. But this article from 60-Second Marketer highlights the unique strengths of each one, so you can get the most out of both.

7. 6 Old School SEO Habits that Never Grow Old

Even in a rapidly-changing discipline like SEO, there are a few universal constants. SEO expert Roger Montti shares his knowledge from years in the trenches.

8. Blogging Statistics and Trends: The 2018 Survey

Orbit Media just published the results of their annual survey of over 1,000 bloggers. CEO and Co-Founder Andy Crestodina presents the highlights and takeaways.

9. What to Do with Your Old Blog Posts

Old content that isn’t attracting traffic can hurt your search visibility. This in-depth guide from SEO Analyst Laurel Taylor can help you clean house and repurpose.

10. How Marketers Can Create Videos People Watch on LinkedIn

On this episode of the Social Media Marketing podcast, Warm Robots Founder Goldie Chanshares tips for optimizing and amplifying your native LinkedIn videos.

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