What’s Trending: Mastering Marketing’s Many Vocations

September 14, 2018

Marketers Are Everywhere Doing Everything

When someone asks what you do for a living, feel free to reply: “I’m a psychologist, a writer, a data scientist, a graphic designer, and a project manager.” That’s an accurate – even incomplete – description of the many roles a modern marketer has to fill.

Marketing takes both left-brain and right-brain skills. We have to master both logic and emotion, data and creativity. When we do it right, those combinations spark innovation more powerful than the sum of its parts. We can create compelling content and deliver it with laser-precision, right when and where it will have the most impact.

This week’s trending content can help you round out your skillset. Read on for advice on empathy, metrics for better measurement, the truth about influencer marketing, and more.

What Marketers Were Reading and Sharing Most This Week

1. The Power of Persuasion: 3 Psychology Principles for B2B Marketers

You don’t have to be a mind-reader to be a marketer…but knowing how people’s brains are wired can definitely make you more effective. Brandon Redlinger from Engagio shares some easy (and ethical!) mind-hacks to try.

2. 3 Big Content Marketing Themes from Content Marketing World

Contently Head of Content Strategy Joe Lazauskas takes you backstage at last week’s Content Marketing World. Find out what trends are dominating conversation among the brightest minds in the business.

3. Inbound Alone Doesn’t Cut It: What B2B Marketers Can Do Next

Whatever happened to good old-fashioned demand gen? Integrate’s David Crane shares specific tips for augmenting your inbound efforts with a variety of tactics, including content syndication and shared-lead campaigns.

4. Only One-Third of B2B Businesses Are Committed to an ABM Strategy

Over two-thirds of organizations who implement account-based marketing see improved revenue. But marketers are slowing down their ABM adoption. Martech Reporter Robin Kurzer analyzes the trend and suggests how marketers can get back up to speed.

5. How to Be an Agent of Change: Examples from Top Content Marketing Award Winners

Get inspired to transform your content marketing with these exemplary campaigns and agencies celebrated at this year’s Content Marketing World. CMI’s Stephanie Stahl presents the winners and their stories.

6. 5 Lies about B2B Influencer Marketing Dispelled

Is influencer marketing just a form of celebrity endorsement? Is it only for B2C? TopRank Marketing’s Jane Bartel gets to the truth, with takeaways from a presentation by Ashley Zeckman.

7. B2B Marketers Need to Focus More on Brand Building

Many B2B brands see brand-building as a B2C concern, not something their all-business audience cares about. LinkedIn’s Prue Cox dispelled that myth at Mumbrella’s B2B Marketing Summit, and Vivienne Kelly has the highlights.

8. The Future of SEO & Content: Can AI Replace Human Writers?

Robots are writing content for major news organizations right now. But their output is pricey and, well, robotic. How close are we to a content marketing singularity? Express Writers CEO Julia McCoy digs in.

9. 3 Productivity Killers and How to Squash Them

Does your train of thought constantly get derailed at work? RAIN Group President Mike Schultz explains how you can cut through the distractions and reclaim your lost productivity.

10. The Art of Measuring Content Marketing Success

Content marketing should be a continual journey of evaluation and improvement. But you can’t improve if you can’t measure progress. In this SlideShare, SEMrush’s Ashley Ward details the metrics that matter.

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