What’s Trending: Marketing Meets the Bottom Line

June 10, 2019

Marketers have more data on hand than ever before. We can target, deliver, and measure impact in ways we wouldn’t have dreamed of just a decade ago.

Of course, the flip side is that we’re now expected to measure our efforts in strict business terms. No one would have asked a marketer in the ‘60s to prove the effectiveness of their brand awareness campaign. No one ever asked Don Draper for a slideshow demonstrating his marketing’s effect on the bottom line.

Let’s choose to see these new demands as an opportunity to demonstrate our value to the organization. Not every CEO thinks in terms of awareness and audience reach, but all of them can relate to increased revenue or market share.

This week’s roundup of trending marketing content features advice on how to bring your content marketing to the bottom line. Read on to learn how to partner with sales on content, better score your content marketing leads, get the most out of your B2B content marketing investments, and more.

What Marketers Were Reading and Sharing Most This Week:

1. How to Rank New Content Faster

How can a site with low domain authority and few backlinks earn search engine rankings? Content marketing wizard Neil Patel tests nine strategies in this substantial article.

2. Stop Thinking about Personalized Content as an Extra

Dear subscriber, personalization is now a requirement, not an option. Converge founder James Tennant explains how to serve up relevant content at scale.

3. 5 of the Best Social Media Lead Gen Techniques

Likes and shares are great, but they don’t pay the bills. Andrea Taylor shares how to move social media followers down the funnel on LinkedIn and beyond.

4. Using Content Lead Scoring to Link Content Marketing and Sales

Speaking of connecting marketing to revenue: CONCURED founder & CEO Tom Salvat shares how sales and marketing can work together to make content more effective throughout the buyer journey.

5. 7 Secrets to Creating Impressive LinkedIn Showcase Pages

Showcase Pages are a great way to highlight a product line, an initiative, or a group within your organization. Writer Katie Sehl shares her tips for making a community-worthy page.

6. Pump it Up: How to Maximize Your B2B Content Marketing Campaign Investments

Don’t let your latest eBook gather dust in the closet like a pair of high-fashion/low-function shoes: Use these tips from TopRank Marketing’s Alexis Hall to get the most for your efforts.

7. How Conversational Marketing Is Disrupting the Demand Gen Game

This episode of the Green & Greene Show podcast features Kate Adams of Drift, discussing how social engagement can enhance the quality of your MQLs.

8. 5 Content Marketing Tactics to Phase out of Your Strategy This Year

Digital Marketing Consultant Gabrielle Sadeh takes an unflinching look at popular tactics that are no longer delivering in this piece. The big takeaway: Do what works for your audience, not what’s trendy.

9. The Starter Guide to Account-Based Marketing (ABM) on LinkedIn

Scale up your ABM efforts with these tips from our colleagues at the EMEA blog. Kelly Farrell provides a step-by-step guide to creating a well-running ABM machine.

10. Why Your Sales Team Is Your Most Important Content Marketing Channel

Sales and marketing alignment is a major component of marketing success in the digital age. Content Leader Hally Pinaud explains how to break down silos to increase your content’s effectiveness.

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