What’s Trending: Taming the Madness of March

March 25, 2019

Content Marketing Strategy

The end of March means different things to different folks. For some, it’s a celebration of the end of winter. For others, it’s a time to strategically craft their March Madness brackets. For marketers, it marks the end of Q1 — which means it’s a time for introspection and more than a little blind panic. How can we be 25% through the year already? Are we 25% of the way to our goals?

Don’t give into the madness of March: Make some minor adjustments now and watch them pay off throughout the year. This week’s roundup can help you refine your social media strategy, measurement, social media content, and more.

What Marketers Were Reading and Sharing Most This Week:

1. Content Marketers Must Up Their Data Game

A recent survey showed only 19% of marketers said they had a high degree of data literacy. Learn how to get more data savvy with these tips from Mantis Research’s Clare McDermott.

2. 5 Key Trends in B2B Influencer Marketing (Plus Do’s and Don’ts)

Take your B2B marketing to the next level of sophistication with these advanced tips from TopRank Marketing CEO Lee Odden.

3. How to Make Old Content New Again

Third Door Media’s Amy Gesenhues offers a practical guide to repurposing content, including in-depth instruction with practical examples that illustrate the potential benefits.

4. 8 Content Creation Tips to Boost Your Inbound Marketing Strategy

A blank screen is every content marketer’s worst enemy. Content expert Mackenzie Deater shares how to get unstuck and write strategic content that gets results.

5. How to Create Social Media Videos for Your Business

Make your LinkedIn Video posts more compelling with this advice from social media marketing expert Lilach Bullock.

6. Content Marketing KPIs: The Metrics that Indicate Content Success

Einstein Marketer’s Josh Barney shares how to drill into the five major categories of metrics (traffic, user behavior, social performance, external comparison, and search performance) to get at the specifics that really matter.

7. 10 Things Your Content Strategy Must Include

Join the most successful content marketers by documenting your content marketing strategy. This guide from Copyblogger’s Sonia Simone can get you started.

8. Why B2C Marketers Make the Best B2B Marketers

This episode of LeadCrunch’s Green & Greene Show features B2B marketing advice from Ryan Phelan, a marketing expert with two decades of executive experience. Listen to the podcast or read the included transcript.

9. 6 Actions You Must Take after an SEO Audit

Turn your SEO audit into actions that get results with this detailed advice from Voltage Vice President of Marketing Corey Morris.

10. 10 Ways to Improve Your Content

In this brief video, Philip VanDusen shares content marketing advice as sharp and to the point as the tip of his goatee.

10 Ways to Improve Your Content

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