"Sponsored Updates allowed us to reach the right audience on the right channel to educate marketers."

Amanda Rendle
Global Head of Marketing, Commercial Banking and Global Banking and Markets HSBC

HSBC uses Sponsored Updates to Establish Key Global Connections

  • Challenge


    Position HSBC as a strategic partner for international business

  • Solution


    Targeted Sponsored Updates promoting HSBC’s new Trade Forecast Tool

  • Results


    Over 40,000 interactions with HSBC content with a 900% increase in social interactions


HSBC aims to form partnerships with members of its key audience – international, middle-market businesses. "Our challenge is to be seen as a strategic partner rather than just a transactional partner," says Amanda Rendle, Global Head of Marketing, Commercial Banking and Global Banking at HSBC. "We needed to find new and innovative ways to engage an audience short on time but hungry for insight that can help take their business further."


LinkedIn's quality audience and professional context made Sponsored Updates a natural solution to drive awareness and establish thought leadership around their new Trade Forecast Tool. HSBC leveraged targeted Sponsored Updates to deliver timely updates that were personalized according to each market.

“Sponsored Updates allowed us to select content that we feel has greatest relevance at a particular time or on a particular topic, and then highlight it to an interested audience by placing it in the LinkedIn feed,” Rendle explained.



  • Drove over 40,000 interactions with HSBC content.
  • Boosted organic update impressions by 1500% and social interactions by 900%
  • Created long term value, attracting over 3,750 new followers to the HSBC Commercial Banking LinkedIn Company Page
  • Delivered reach and engagement from over 50 industries

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