Achieving Social Selling Success Infographic

Understand how well you've adopted LinkedIn into your sales process with LinkedIn's one-of-a-kind score: Social Selling Index

October 23, 2014


In our latest eBook, we introduced LinkedIn's Social Selling Index (SSI) and how it relates to career success. Social Selling Index is a measure of a sales professional's activity on LinkedIn and is defined here. It's designed to measure a company's individuals adoption of the four pillars of social selling: Creating a professional brand, finding the right people, engaging them with insights, and building strong relationships.

But why should salespeople care about improving their SSI? Here's why: LinkedIn Research shows that SSI leaders have 45% more opportunities per quarter and are 51% more likely to hit quotas than SSI laggards.

With an understanding of the four pillars of social selling, you can move to specific ways to improve performance on each of these using Sales Navigator, thus increasing your SSI and improving your benchmark score. The details are illustrated in the infographic below: