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  • 5 Bad Sales Habits

    5 Habits Causing Salespeople to Miss Quota

    March 17, 2020

    Have you ever kept failing at something when it felt like you should be winning? It’s maddening.  Golf comes to mind. Sometimes your whole swing feels perfect – the target is aligned, everything about the swing is smooth – yet the result is consistently awful. Then someone finally, thankfully, points out that your poor grip is what’s causing you to push every...

  • Sales Ops

    Seek These 5 Skills and Traits to Hire Impactful Sales Operations Teams

    March 11, 2020

    A force multiplier isn't just a fancy-sounding term salespeople use to describe their solutions. Defined as something that allows you to get more done with the same or less effort (like switching from a screwdriver to a power drill), force multipliers can be critical to business survival.  Today, most companies have a dedicated sales ops team because, as...

  • Data Improves Sales Performance

    Using Data to Analyze and Improve Sales Performance

    February 19, 2020

    If you’re even a casual fan of the major American sports, you’ve noticed some significant changes this past decade: defenders positioning themselves in entirely new places on the baseball diamond, basketball players avoiding mid-range shots like the plague, and once-prized football positions seeing a steep downgrade in value.  Whether these sports have become...

  • Salespeople's Favorite Movies

    Salespeople’s Favorite Sales Movie Is Not What You Think It...

    February 6, 2020

    With the Academy Awards this Sunday, we thought we’d use this opportunity to take a look at salespeople’s favorite sales movies. It's...

  • Patience in B2B Sales

    This Week’s Big Deal: Playing the Long Game

    January 20, 2020

    Patience is in short supply these days. That’s exactly why it’s more valuable than ever. For B2B sales prospects, patience has grown...

  • Dare to Lead Book

    Books for Sales Managers: 'Dare to Lead' by Brené Brown

    January 14, 2020

    If you spend any time scrolling through your LinkedIn feed, you'll undoubtedly see countless posts extolling the virtues of amazing...