Read This Guide If You Want to Hone Your Sales Prospecting on LinkedIn

Identifying and engaging B2B sales prospects within LinkedIn's massive professional community can feel intimidating. Refine your scope with this guide.

March 1, 2018

LinkedIn hosts a community of nearly 550 million professionals, which can feel a bit intimidating for B2B social sellers.

No matter your industry or vertical, prospective buyers with needs aligned to your solution are undoubtedly out there on the platform. But without the right know-how, trying to find them is a real challenge.

Top-performing digital sales teams are able to navigate LinkedIn’s robust filters and targeting options to zero in on the most relevant prospects for their business with accuracy and efficiency. Once identified, they follow a sustainable blueprint for making warm introductions, building relationships, and generating leads.

The latest installment in our series of instructional eBooks, Read Me If You Want to Target the Right Prospects on LinkedIn, provides step-by-step guidance to help you find your ideal audience and capitalize.

True to its name, this digital guide contains only the most pertinent information you’ll need for a masterful sales prospecting approach on the LinkedIn platform. We focused on making these tips accessible, digestible, and actionable.

Download and read this eBook if you want to…

  • Understand LinkedIn’s audience filtering options, and which parameters matter most
  • Learn how to evaluate a prospect’s profile to quickly uncover useful insights
  • Gain referrals and warm introductions consistently
  • Turn LinkedIn Groups into your secret prospecting weapon
  • Drive more inbound inquiries for your product or service

There’s no better social network than LinkedIn for reaching a defined audience of B2B sales prospects. This handbook will quickly equip you with best practices for identifying, reaching, and engaging them the right way.

Click here to download Read Me If You Want to Target the Right Prospects on LinkedIn, and keep an eye out for more upcoming installments in this series.