Cracking the LinkedIn Sales Code Infographic

October 22, 2013

B2B sales professionals who use LinkedIn get better results. The "Cracking the LinkedIn Sales Code" eBook reveals the results of a 2013 survey that shows exactly what these top-performing salespeople do differently.

These top performing sales professionals outsell their peers by leveraging connections. Intelligently building up a network with advocates and prospects allows a salesperson to navigate companies and organizations with ease. This becomes even more seamless with LinkedIn Sales Navigator's TeamLink. TeamLink uncovers hidden connections to find the best path to higher quality prospects more quickly. By instantly broadening a sales professional’s network to include everyone in the company, teams can exponentially increase the number of reachable prospects. The TeamLink connections search filter yields prospects with connections to your team, helping you focus on the best prospects.

Using LinkedIn, salespeople are able to explore a social network of potential customers. Joining LinkedIn Groups allows the opportunity to educate these potential clients and to communicate with buyers looking for solutions.

Advanced Searches on LinkedIn helps these top sales performers find the right people in LinkedIn’s 347M+ member base. Create lead lists with Lead Builder using custom criteria to find new accounts, or upload your named accounts. Premium search filters help you find the right people faster. Filter by TeamLink Connections, Seniority, Company Size, and up to six more.

LinkedIn Sales Code Final