Outback Uncovers Opportunities and Unlocks Insights with Sales Navigator

June 19, 2019

Outback wins with Sales Navigator

Outback Team Building & Training, which is headquartered in North Vancouver, British Columbia, is a team building and employee training provider in North America. Businesses can partner with Outback on a variety of options for large group activities, including team building, training, development, coaching, and consulting.


As its name suggests, Outback Team Building & Training helps other companies with team-based professional development efforts, producing more than 1,200 programs annually across all of North America and offering additional coaching and consulting services. Because Outback’s sales reps do a vast majority of their business over the phone, they sought a solution that would better prep them for engagements and help build deeper connections. They also needed a better way to track role changes and career moves, because these can be key triggers for their services.


Outback Team Building & Training selected LinkedIn Sales Navigator to augment its sales prospecting practices and strengthen its relationship management. At present, 16 members of the sales team are set up on the platform. One important function is gathering insight before heading into consultation calls. “Just that little bit of context and perspective I’ve found anyways has allowed us to understand our clients better and put us in a better position to help them out,” says Bryan McWilliams, Employee Engagement Consultant. He adds that Sales Navigator’s ability to sync with Outback’s CRM (Salesforce) was critical in aiding a seamless adoption for his group.


In less than a year with Sales Navigator, Outback has generated some stellar results through the platform: 75% deal size lift, 35% win rate lift, and 73% influenced revenue.

Anecdotally, McWilliams calls out one instance where he was alerted of a previous director-level client of his moving to a decision-making role at a new company, and so he reached out with a congratulatory message. “Incredible timing,” the contact responded, noting that he was planning a kickoff for his team at the new company. The engagement resulted in a contract, and the client was extra appreciative of the time saved in researching and vetting solutions.

"Over the phone, you don’t have the benefit of seeing somebody face-to-face and picking up on body language or other cues. Those small bits of information on LinkedIn make the conversation a little more human and a little more connected,” McWilliams said.

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