eBook: How Personalized Selling Unlocks Competitive Advantage

January 26, 2016


We’ve all done it. We connect with someone on social media with little expectation of developing a deeper relationship — the digital equivalent of “let’s do lunch.” It’s a well-intentioned gesture, but not a genuine invitation to build a long-lasting relationship.

Today, too many organizations are using social interactions as a way to make a quick impression, rather than an opportunity to foster a mutually beneficial experience. In a world where we constantly have our eye on the immediate goals of delivering the right message to the right audience at the right time, we overlook key elements: relationships and relevance.

It’s time to completely re-imagine the way all revenue-generating professionals work where we’re focused on inspiring a sense of community — not just closing the next deal.

Our new eBook, How Personalized Selling Unlocks Competitive Advantage, is designed to help sales reps, sales leaders, and marketing executives guide the buyer by listening to their needs, asking the right questions, and educating them about the right solution for their particular goals.

Download the eBook to learn how to:

  • Target relevant buyers based on interest and intent
  • Boost performance by understanding the buying process
  • Use LinkedIn to provide relevant content that adds value
  • Close deals by acting earlier and engaging with insights

Along with these straightforward steps, you’ll also find compelling stats, real-world stories, and enlightening interviews with proven sales experts.

Regardless of what role, industry or region you’re in, you can stand out from the competition by creating the personalized sales experience buyers demand and deserve. The key is to be both strategic and personable with your selling, and by following the steps in this guide, you and your team can do just that.

Be the person who gives your team a competitive edge and download How Personalized Selling Unlocks Competitive Advantage.