Elevate Your Personal Brand with the Professional Profile Toolkit

Attract new prospects, improve your response rate, and establish your credibility with a professional LinkedIn profile.

June 29, 2016

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Let’s clear one thing up: your LinkedIn profile isn’t a resume—it’s your online reputation. In today’s sales climate, it can make the difference between prospects responding and passing you over.

When 49% of buyers research sales reps on LinkedIn and 50% avoid reps with incomplete profiles, making a strong first impression has never been so important. And improving your personal brand isn’t just for reassuring skittish prospects: you’ll also attract new ones, as 92% of B2B buyers will engage with sellers known as industry thought leaders.

How can you reap the benefits of elevating your profile? Our free Professional Profile Kit has everything you need to entice prospects and establish your credibility. From the fundamentals of a complete profile to actionable strategies that demonstrate leadership, you’ll find this kit covers every aspect of building up your personal brand.

Here’s what’s inside:

•       Tipsheet: The Who and What of Your Professional Brand

•       Tipsheet: 10 Tips to Build an Effective Profile

•       Tipsheet: How to Position Yourself as an Industry Thought Leader

•       Case Study: How LinkedIn’s Koka Sexton Built His Professional Brand

Download this free kit and learn how to:

·      Build a strong and effective sales profile, piece by piece

·      Curate insightful content with the customer in mind

·      Transform your profile into a resource for prospects

·      Demonstrate thought leadership within your industry

Step up your sales by elevating your personal brand—download the free Professional Profile Kit today!