Read This Guide if You Want to Optimize Your LinkedIn Sales Profile

Creating a LinkedIn sales profile that drives interest and leads requires a functional shift, from résumé to reputation builder. This guide shows you how.

February 22, 2018

A few years ago, Henry Carroll published a book called Read This If You Want to Take Great Photographs. We loved it. The content within delivered perfectly on the title’s promise, offering up all of the practical advice needed to vastly improve one’s camera skills, while cutting out the off-putting technical lingo.

“If you have always wanted to take good pictures but shun away from photography books filled with incomprehensible jargon, then this book may be for you,” wrote DesignTAXI in its review. What more could an aspiring shutterbug desire?

We enjoyed Carroll’s approach so much that we’ve decided to borrow it for a new series of eBooks, kicking off today with the first eBook in our series: Read Me If You Want to Create an Effective Sales Profile on LinkedIn.

A Functional Shift: From Résumé to Reputation Builder

Plenty of LinkedIn profiles look like résumés, with content and messaging that is strictly oriented toward a potential employer or recruiter. But following this all-too-common blueprint won’t help you generate leads or impress potential buyers.

Every modern seller should recognize the importance of learning about prospects through the web and social media. But it is equally vital to understand that this dynamic works both ways.

As sales strategist Anthony Iannarino put it while sharing tactical social selling advice: “We think we’re out there researching customers, listening to them, and following the things they’re interested in. But they can also look at us.”

They can, and they do. Research from IDC tells us that half of all buyers research sales reps on LinkedIn. This is a critical opportunity to make an impression. How can you take advantage and demonstrate the unique value you bring to the table during the journey to purchase? Beyond that, how can you turn your LinkedIn profile into a magnet for new leads?

Optimizing Your LinkedIn Sales Profile

True to its name, this digital guide contains only the most pertinent information you'll need to level up your LinkedIn profile. We’ll drill down to the essentials, providing actionable tactics and tips you can apply now. Learn how to:

  • Maximize the efficacy of your headline, summary, photos, and more
  • Increase the visibility of your profile so prospects are more likely to find it
  • Frame your professional experience so it appeals to buyers, not just hirers
  • Leverage rich media to draw people in
  • Gain persuasive recommendations and authentically build credibility

By applying the recommendations laid out in this guide, you can be confident your LinkedIn sales profile is working for you. Download Read Me If You Want to Create an Effective Sales Profile on LinkedIn now and make sure visitors are seeing your best side.