10 Sales Navigator Tips and Tricks You May Not Know

Use These Tips to Boost Your Social Selling Efforts

October 6, 2016

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At Sales Connect New York a few weeks ago, there was a session that was not on the agenda. It was a small gathering of Sales Navigator experts over breakfast to share their best social selling tactics and tips. This session was called “Sales Navigator Secrets”. We decided to share these secrets and document what was discussed, as well as outline how to turn these tactics into a reality with Sales Navigator.

Reach out to former customers to find future customers

Happy former customers have an increased likelihood to buy because of their familiarity with your products and services. In Sales Navigator, simply use the “Past not current” filter to find former employees that worked at your accounts to find out where they are now. You’re bound to find a hot lead with this powerful filter.

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Big wins or losses in college sports could be the icebreaker that gets you in.

Remember that big college game yesterday? Wouldn't it be timely if you had an easy way to see if any of your prospects attended that school so you could use it to engage with them? Spark timely conversation with current prospects by looking at all of your saved leads, applying the school filter or any other filter to see if you have a timely and relevant icebreaker.

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Narrow down your perfect list of search results, then easily share it with a colleague

Once you get your search results pefect, copy the URL, send it to another Sales Navigator user and it will recreate the exact same search. This means you can quickly share search results with a teammate or manager.

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Find the prospects more open to your InMails

Save your InMails by targeting LinkedIn members who have selected to have an open profile. It will not count against your InMail credits to message open profile members. Look for the open profile symbol in your search results.

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Your company network is growing everyday, catch every new key connection

Who wouldn't want to be notified if someone at your company just connected to your top prospects? To get notified automatically, run a search applying the TeamLink filter at just your top accounts, then save that search. If your VP of sales connects with your decision maker on LinkedIn, you’ll be the first to know about it.

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Clone your best prospects

Ever wish you could clone your best prospects? The “similar” button will do just that and help you find similar prospects at other companies.

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Map out the buying committee

Having one good lead is not enough in today’s consensus driven world with ever expanding buying committees. Related leads will help you find who else at a prospect's company might be key to getting your deal done. See related leads right within the search results or at the top of any profile viewed in Sales Navigator.

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Save your company and your competitors to stay in the know

The rich information in Sales Navigator about job changes, shares, new mentions and much more are invaluable in helping you understand your prospects, but that same information can help you know what is on the mind of your colleagues and competitors. We recommend saving your own company and competitors as leads and accounts to always be in the know on what’s happening in your market.

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Find prospects who have recently shared content

Use the “Posted on LinkedIn in past 30 days” filter to prioritize outreach to prospects who have recently posted on LinkedIn. While you’re at it, look to see what it is they posted for a chance to use that insight for a more personal message or to engage with their content.

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Organize your leads to save time by using notes and tags

Notes and tags were recently added to Sales Navigator, time to do some spring cleaning and get your leads organized in a way that works for your workflow.

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A big thanks to Sales Navigator experts, Amy Mcilwain, Amy Soricelli, Carla Charles, Frannie Danzinger, Hannah Goldberg, Dr. Howard Drover, Kenneth Davis, Lindsey Boggs, Paul Lewis, Rob Giles, Robert Knop, Craig HessRobert Lee, Susana Landeira, Ann Guy, Mario Martinez Jr and Ryan Blakemore for contributing their ideas. Also, a big thanks to the LinkedIn Sales Solutions sales team who contributed many of the ideas discussed.

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