Introducing PointDrive

Learn about the exciting new way to engage buyers using Sales Navigator.

April 18, 2017

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Sales Navigator is the best version of Linkedin for salespeople. However, we know that there is another, arguably more important, party in the B2B exchange: the buyer. Today, I am excited to announce the release of PointDrive, new functionality now available inside of Sales Navigator, that offers a more professional way to deliver personalized content and drives greater engagement between buyers and sellers.

Engaging the buyer with a personalized experience

Successful salespeople tell great stories. But what happens when you have a terrific meeting and your prospect asks for more information, like a presentation, data sheet, or testimonial video? You send them an email with a bunch of attachments and links that looks something like this:

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The problem?

Navigating an email full of attachments and links can be cumbersome for your buyer at best and downright frustrating at worst. Data shows that there are 6.8 people in the buying process, which means it’s more important than ever to enable your decision makers and champions with the right content and message to cascade internally.

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With PointDrive, you can seamlessly package up your content and message in a professional and branded way that provides your buyer with easy access to the information they find most relevant. And, with as many as 70% of your buyers opening emails on the go, PointDrive delivers personalized content that looks great on any device, whether your buyer is on desktop, tablet, or mobile.

Measuring buyer intent

In addition to the unique content experience PointDrive provides buyers, understanding how they engage and following up with data driven insights has never been more important for you as a seller. 

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PointDrive will help you to track engagement and intent during the deal cycle.  When you use PointDrive, you gain visibility into what content your buyers find most compelling with detailed insights into how they are consuming.

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In addition, as your content is forwarded, PointDrive gives you full visibility into other viewers inside the organization. This allows you to identify key decision makers involved in the buying decision and quickly save them as additional leads from target accounts in Sales Navigator.

With the added PointDrive functionality, sales teams can use Sales Navigator to help influence deals throughout the entire customer lifecycle. This focus on personal and engaging content delivery coupled with accurate and real-time insights adds value for all customer-facing individuals. From account managers sending quarterly business reviews, status updates, and product announcements to customer success teams onboarding new customers and training users on new functionality, we hope you are as excited to jump in as our own internal teams have been at LinkedIn.

PointDrive is available as part of our Sales Navigator Team and Enterprise subscriptions. To learn more, please visit this page. We look forward to your feedback.