Introducing LinkedIn’s Pipeline Management Kit for Sales Pros

August 21, 2018

Pipeline Management Kit

When first learning to drive, blindspots present one of the most vexing challenges. You can check the road in front of you, both side mirrors, the rearview… after all that, there are still areas that elude your field of vision, and failing to account for them can be extremely dangerous.

On the road to closing deals in B2B sales, a similar dynamic is at play. The complexities of today’s buying cycle yield hidden pitfalls that can cause a promising engagement to veer off-course.

Consider these statistics:

  • 24% of forecasted deals go dark
  • 25% of sales reps change roles annually
  • 20% of buyers also change roles annually

These realities lead to wasted time, mismatched contacts, and outdated CRM data. But like a safe driver, sales professionals can consistently check blindspots in their pipeline and minimize risk.

We’re here to help, with the brand new Pipeline Management Kit. This free package includes three resources — an infographic, a video, and a 16-page digital pocket guide — offering a heap of helpful tips for taking advantage of the new Sales Navigator Deals feature to improve pipeline visibility and management.

By exploring this content, you can shine a light on the most prominent blindspots in the modern sales process and learn how to proactively spot them and keep your deals on track. You can check out the infographic here:

Navigate Sales Blindspots to Minimize Revenue Risk

Amidst expanding committees and increasing churn, Sales Navigator Deals helps your team keep driving forward by creating a shared view, and organizing key players via the Buyer’s Circle feature. At a time where continual collaboration between reps and managers is more crucial than ever, Deals makes it easy:

Introducing Deals with Sales Navigator

For the most in-depth look at how Deals with Sales Navigator can solve the issue of blindspots in the sales process, take a look at The Ultimate Guide to Eliminating Blindspots from Your Sales Pipeline

Ready to get your team on same page and eliminate those blindspots for good? Download LinkedIn’s Pipeline Management Kit and find out how today.