When to Use PointDrive: 5 Tailor Made Sales Situations

May 29, 2018

By now you’ve probably heard of PointDrive, one of the key digital selling tools within Sales Navigator. This capability enables reps to share sales content in a more sophisticated way, improving the experience for both sides.

Prospects don’t have to deal with clunky email attachments. Salespeople can package articles and media assets more cleanly and professionally, with the crucial ability to track engagement.

PointDrive supports a number of selling activities, but can be a real game-changer for a few select scenarios that sales pros regularly encounter. Here are five instances where the tool is particularly advantageous, and why:

Qualifying and Segmenting Leads

You’ve collected a list of email addresses and need to determine which of these prospects hold the most promise. In collaboration with marketing, you’ve already created customized content packages in PointDrive, so you’re ready to put information in front of these prospects to gauge their interest and buying intent.

Rather than shipping this content in the form of burdensome attachments, you’re able to send a simple link to the branded PointDrive page. In cases where you lack email addresses for prospects, you can deliver the link through a personalized InMail on LinkedIn.

Instead of simply pressing ‘Send’ and hoping for the best, PointDrive provides the ability to gather specific insights on who is interacting with what content. By monitoring this data, you can quickly start prioritizing leads on your list. Those who viewed multiple resources are signaling that they’re in a more serious phase of research.

Not only does this give you a better idea of whether prospects are interested, but also what they are interested in. Which video did they view? Which PDF caught their eye? This kind of intel can help direct your approach when you follow up.

Preparing for a Meeting

You’ve managed to get a phone call or in-person meeting on the calendar with a pivotal stakeholder at a target account. How can you set things up to facilitate a smooth and efficient conversation? Send them a PointDrive bundle that contains pertinent background info and your preliminary talking points.

In some cases, these can serve as visual assets to complement your narrative (“If you click on the demo slides in the PointDrive link I sent, I’ll walk you through them real fast”). You can also use this as an opportunity to cut down meeting times (“I see you already looked at the features video I sent, so we can skip that unless you have any questions”).

Today’s buyers value preparation in sellers, and certainly appreciate anyone who can save them time. PointDrive helps you make a good impression and get the most out of that first meeting.

Building Consensus in Buying Committee

As we all know, B2B buying committees are now larger than ever, presenting unique challenges for the modern sales rep. PointDrive is custom-built to help you navigate these complex and precarious situations.

Not only do the tool’s analytics give you visibility regarding engagement from people you sent content; you can also track insights after this content is forwarded to others. These notifications allow you to surface previously unknown players, helping to clarify your view of the committee’s layout and pinpoint critical influencers.

With the knowledge that you’re in control of how content is presented, even after it’s shared, you’ll be more effective at aligning the various stakeholders and building consensus.

Onboarding a New Customer

PointDrive isn’t only useful for prospecting. Once a customer has signed on, you can use the functionality to acclimate new users with your solution. Load up a customized PointDrive page with onboarding materials in the form of slides, videos, data sheets, PDFs, and more.

By arranging the sequencing of content, you can create a chronological step-by-step walkthrough for the recipient. This enables them to learn at their own pace, and of course they can easily disperse the information among others on their team who need it.

Additionally, by tracking engagement patterns with onboarding content, you can identify which items are getting used most to optimize the experience.

Supporting Customer Success and Upselling

In many B2B organizations, the sales team’s job isn’t done after a customer is officially signed and onboarded. For those providers that rely on retention and subscription-based revenue, ensuring customer success and satisfaction are vital objectives. Here, too, PointDrive can be a convenient option.

Sales pros can use PointDrive for ongoing communication with their customers, delivering content like best practices, new features, and case studies to show how others are getting the most out of your product. This also opens windows for upselling and cross-selling.

Striking the right balance by providing continual support while staying hands-off and letting customers do their thing, PointDrive is an excellent component in any customer success and renewal program.

Unleash PointDrive and Upgrade Your Sales Strategy

These are just a few of the many occasions where PointDrive can be a tremendous sales tool, enabling reps to distribute content more easily and measure its impact. Consistently using PointDrive can improve prospecting efficiency, preparation, consensus-building, onboarding, retention, upselling, and more.

Available for Sales Navigator Team and Enterprise accounts, PointDrive is quickly becoming a hallmark of the sophisticated seller.

To learn more about Sales Navigator and how your team can get the most out of it, download our guide, How to Maximize LinkedIn’s Value with Sales Navigator.