Introducing “A Brief History of LinkedIn Sales Navigator” Infographic

Celebrating Sales Navigator's 5th Birthday

August 29, 2019

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Timeline

LinkedIn introduced Sales Navigator as a standalone, software-as-a-service product five years ago. Since its debut on July 31, 2014, Sales Navigator has gone from promising product to “table stakes at most B2B organizations,” according to a recent Forrester report, “Current Malpractice Handicaps Social Selling’s Potential.”  

To celebrate Sales Navigator’s fifth birthday and its continued evolution and advancement, we have created a “A Brief History of LinkedIn Sales Navigator.” This timeline notes the key upgrades LinkedIn has made to this powerful product since its debut.

Here are some of the biggest Sales Navigator milestones from the past five years:

  • September 2014: The Sales Navigator app for iOS mobile launches.
  • March 2015: Sales Navigator goes global with the debut of the product in French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Italian and Portuguese.
  • June 2015: Sales Navigator expands its integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
  • July 2016: LinkedIn’s acquisition of PointDrive means that salespeople can share video, PDFs and other rich content via Sales Navigator.
  • February 2018: LinkedIn introduces the Sales Navigator Application Program, which enables sales professionals to gain Sales Navigator insights directly in software such as Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics.
  • May 2019: LinkedIn upgrades the Sales Navigator homepage to deliver more actionable alerts to sales professionals.

See the entire timeline below. 

  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator Timeline