Measuring Your Social Selling with LinkedIn’s Social Selling Index Infographic

LinkedIn Sales Solutions is kicking off a series of posts that focus on the impact that Social Selling can have on revenue.

February 11, 2014

Everyone is talking about social selling these days. From Forbes to the Harvard Business Review, people want to know how sales professionals can take advantage of the rise of social to be more productive and successful. But how can you know if you’re taking advantage of social without measuring it? That’s where LinkedIn’s Social Selling Index comes into play – it’s a first-of-its kind measure of your company’s adoption of social selling practices on

We will be posting on our blog over the coming weeks about how you can get more out of LinkedIn to be a better social seller as well as revealing some of the top social selling individuals and trends on LinkedIn. Here are some other infographics that outline the key social selling activities sales professionals should be focusing on.

If you’re interested in receiving your company’s Social Selling Report, please request a copy here! Also, check out our LinkedIn Tips and Resources page for more information.

measuring social selling infographic