Morph Your LinkedIn Profile into a Personal [Branded] Microsite in 3 Steps

Transform your LinkedIn profile into a powerful personal branding platform when you follow these three simple steps.

February 5, 2014

Transform Your LinkedIn Profile into a Powerful Personal Microsite Header

As a sales professional, you may not think of yourself as a brand, but that's exactly what you are. And if you're like most sales professionals, your LinkedIn profile page is your primary professional branding platform.

Success in the era of social selling is made easier when your positive online presence precedes you. Think of your online brand as a business. And just like a business website’s success is directly tied to the strength of its value proposition, your sales success (i.e. your business) is directly tied to how you demonstrate value through your LinkedIn presence.

To help you get the most out of your LinkedIn presence, here's how to transform your LinkedIn profile into a personal microsite in three easy steps.

Step 1: Ask yourself, “How can I woo prospects with my profile?”

Evolve your LinkedIn profile from a resume format to a customer-centric format.
What would you want to see from someone you are considering working with?

Start by describing how you help existing customers accomplish their goals.
Do this by showcasing:

  • Skills, recommendations and examples via your profile
  • Blog posts written by your company (or you!)
  • White papers they may have missed on your company website
  • Rich media, like the video your marketing department created based on a recent customer success
  • SlideShare deck explaining how you helped a customer achieve their goalQuick tip: if you’re going to make several changes to your profile, be sure to turn off notifications while making updates to avoid over-saturating your network with updates.

Step 2: Get curating

Find and share content your industry - especially prospects - will find interesting.

  • Get content from your Pulse feed
  • Follow LinkedIn influencers
  • Promote corporate sales content
  • Provide your unique point of view with links culled from your RSS feed
  • Share interesting group discussions with select connections

Members who join the professional conversation on LinkedIn at least once a week are nearly 10 times more likely to be contacted for new business opportunities than people who do not participate. Curating thoughtful, relevant content will help you establish top-of-mind awareness, thought leadership and trust among your professional network.

In addition, using Sales Navigator helps make inroads with specific members by sharing relevant information to any list you create; these contacts don’t need to be a connection in order for you to share. For example, you can send an article with a one-line message, “Just ran across this article and thought you’d be interested in this new technology,” to all the IT professionals in your target market.

Step 3: Keep growing your network

Leverage existing connections, groups and other channels to broaden your network.

For example, you may want to include your LinkedIn URL on your Twitter profile page. Then, when you post a status update to Twitter from within LinkedIn, you’ll drive potential customers and prospects to your LinkedIn microsite.

You can also amplify your brand with status updates targeted to industry-specific connections and groups. People want to see relevant results in their newsfeed, so be that relevant result.