Introducing Proof Positive: Easily Measure and Maximize Sales ROI

Sales ROI shouldn't be a mystery. Prove the value of your social sales efforts in the latest eBook from LinkedIn Sales Solutions.

September 5, 2017

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Anyone who says they are positive about something had better be sure. There’s no room for wavering with that word. To be positive, you need cold hard proof. That was once a tough thing to come by, but modern sales professionals are equipped to back up the positive impact their teams have on the bottom line. And doing so is obligatory in this age of results-driven performance.

This is the underlying theme of Proof Month, and the core focus of our newest eBook “Proof Positive: How to Easily Measure and Maximize Sales ROI” lives up to its name by simplifying some inherently complex matters.

The How and Why of Sales ROI

Today’s B2B sales leaders are largely focused on three objectives that tie to ROI:

  • Growing Pipeline
  • Improving Win Rate
  • Increasing Deal Size

These are the primary measures of demonstrable success, and in an increasingly competitive marketplace, we face plenty of hurdles in achieving them. The underlying reasons generally tie to one thing: The business environment has changed, and continues to change, making conventional sales tactics far less effective than they once were.

As the B2B marketplace shifts more and more to digital, gaining complexity, the strategies for growing pipeline and closing deals need to shift along with it. Those who are reactive, rather than proactive, are falling behind the curve. All it takes is one bad move – one unprepared cold call or one meeting without the right people involved – to damage a relationship and leave a negative impression with long-term repercussions.

In "Proof Positive," we’ll examine the problems plaguing modern sales teams. Then, we'll lay out a blueprint for success on LinkedIn, with actionable tactics you can employ right now to jolt your sales ROI and tackle the trio of aforementioned goals head-on.

"Proof Positive" also features Q&A's with top sales leaders who share best practices that helped them maximize ROI for their teams. Rather than starting from scratch, you and your team can learn from these industry leaders succeeding with LinkedIn and mimic their success.

The end result?  A healthier pipeline, higher win rates, more revenue. We're positive. Download “Proof Positive: How to Easily Measure and Maximize Sales ROI