3 Ways to Maintain Customer Satisfaction

Social media channels such as LinkedIn can help sales professionals and account managers delight customers long after the close of a sale.

November 20, 2014


In our series on the Buyer’s Journey, we have covered social selling topics related all phases of the busying cycle. In our last post, we discussed the exciting third stage of the sales cycle: “The Opportunity.”

Now, in the fourth and final stage of the sales cycle, we take a look at “The Customer."

Exciting, isn’t it? You gathered insights, leveraged a warm introduction, and were able to further prove that social selling is not only effective, but far more efficient than outdated tactics.

After you close a sale, the temptation may be to sit back and relax. Too often sales professionals forget that their involvement doesn’t end after purchase.

This is not the time to relax. In fact, the work continues and for good reason.  Good account management, follow-up, and customer satisfaction requires ongoing effort. A new customer relationship means the start of a serious commitment to maintain client satisfaction.

So how you can take advantage of social media to delight your customer after the sale?
Here are three ways to ensure a successful, long-term business relationship:

1. Follow up

 Following up is an integral part of an account manager’s job. It wards off any possible issues, ensures everyone is on the same page, and keeps the relationship top-of-mind for both parties.

For the sales person, following up means making sure that the customer is happy and remaining tuned-in to additional opportunities for further business, either with that same customer or perhaps a referral.

2. Monitor streams

The account manager should continue to monitor streams with keyword mentions such as “love [company’s product]” or “hate [company’s product].”

If people have extreme feelings toward a product, they might be sharing those feelings within social networks. Make sure you monitor online conversations so you can engage and respond according to your company’s social media policy.

As a sales person, make sure to keep an eye out for positive responses. Consider reaching out to the customer and gaining permission to use them for a testimonial or reference for other prospects. Go a step further and work with your marketing team to incorporate the positive feedback into your marketing and sales materials.

 3. Share content

When you find relevant social content such as videos, blog posts, or other items that you think your customer will appreciate or enjoy, make sure to share them.

Doing so continues to show that you are thinking of them and are invested in their success.

Additionally, it can open the door for new opportunities, connections, and referrals.

As we have seen, “The Customer” phase may be at the bottom of the sales funnel, but it should be at the top of you and your account team’s priority list.

Well-timed follow-up, social media monitoring, and sharing of applicable content will all help maintain a good working relationship with your customer. In fact, you may find that customers will turn into powerful promoters of your brand — and even help you generate more leads and sales from their referrals.

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