Introducing 3 New Social Selling Courses on LinkedIn Learning

Want to take your social selling to the next level? Here are 3 courses to get you started.

February 28, 2017

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Today we are pleased to announce three new social selling courses on the LinkedIn Learning platform. These courses create a robust social selling curriculum that will guide viewers through their social selling journey, starting at understanding the basic principles to putting them into action. Learning social selling has never been easier or more accessible.

Social Selling Foundations - Authored by one of LinkedIn’s most tenured Sales leaders, Hannah Goldberg. In this course, she explains the basic principles of social selling and shares how leveraging your social network can help you more effectively target, understand, and engage with prospects. If you're brand new to social selling, start here. This course is available free of charge.

To get a preview of the Social Selling Foundations course, check out this 5 minute video about making a customer-centric profile:

Social Selling with LinkedIn & Social Selling with Twitter - Both courses were authored by Gabe Villamizar, Head of B2B Marketing at Lucidchart and social selling expert. Gabe will teach you the “how to’s” of social selling - from optimizing your profiles to starting conversations, click by click. If you're ready to get tactical, these are the courses for you. These courses are available to LinkedIn Learning and Lynda subscribers. 

To get a preview of the Social Selling on LinkedIn course, check out this short video where Gabe will walk you through how to best engage buyers and decision makers on social networks: