Learn Strategies for Managing Pipeline With Our Live Webinar Featuring Sales Leaders

September 11, 2018

Live With Sales Leaders

It takes hard work to create a healthy sales pipeline. Then there’s managing it all. That’s also hard, but for different reasons.

Managing pipeline is about more than creating accurate revenue projections. It’s about maximizing the revenue that flows from our forecasts. According to research conducted by Vantage Point Performance and the Sales Management Association, B2B companies with effective pipeline management saw a 15% higher average growth rate than companies with ineffective pipeline management.  

Why the difference?

Today, there are three prevalent blindspots that prevent reps from closing deals and leave managers with missed targets. Sales pipeline management presents the perfect opportunity to recognize these blindspots, account for them, and overcome them en route to a closed sale.  

Join our LinkedIn panel for a live discussion about strategies for managing pipeline and reducing risk from a manager’s and rep’s perspective. Learn:

  • Current macro trends and challenges that could harm your pipeline
  • Tactics and tools that can help you manage your pipeline more strategically
  • How proactive pipeline management improves collaboration between managers and rep

Live with Sales Leaders: Strategies for Managing Pipeline

When: Thursday, September 20, 11am PT/2pm ET


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