The Essential Business Toolkit for a Salesperson

The best sales professionals call upon a deep toolkit to do their jobs. Here is a sampling of tools that help at every stage of the sales process.

March 1, 2017

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High-performing sales professionals approach every opportunity fully prepared. And to position themselves for success, they call upon a range of tools that help ensure they’ve left nothing to chance.

To help you make the most of every opportunity, we’ve compiled a list of tools for every stage of the sales process.


Salespeople spend most of their time researching accounts and targets. These tools help make prospecting more efficient so they can focus more of their time on closing deals. Simply enter an email address, and this website will check to determine if it’s valid.

Sales Navigator. Quickly discover more people at your target accounts based on intelligent suggestions, easily create lead lists, and uncover the best ways to connect with prospects through your company's network.

Outreach and Engagement

When it comes to interacting with prospective buyers, sales pros need to juggle many time-consuming tasks. The following tools help streamline efforts.

Sendbloom. This app – which connects with Salesforce and Gmail – makes it easier to customize emails, allowing you to segment them by location, industry, job role, etc. for more targeted outreach.

Calendly. This free web-based tool promises to eliminate email and phone tag when scheduling meetings and appointments. You simply sync it with the calendar you use and share a web link with your prospects so they can schedule time with you.  

Sales Navigator. Call upon context, information, relevance, and timing to engage with insights. Through Sales Navigator, you can also contact decision makers in a credible way via InMail, even if you’re not connected on LinkedIn.

Tenfold. This app synchronizes your CRM and phone system so you can easily log inbound and outbound calls, see details about an incoming caller before you answer, and even create notes and other details for every lead. With this free online tool, you can easily host online meetings and even share your screen.


Though closing the deal is every sales professional’s main focus and ultimate goal, handling the logistics is not necessarily the favorite part of the process. These tools help make closings more manageable.

Handshake. Capture orders on your iPad or iPhone and transfer them to the back office for shipping and billing with this app.

DocuSign. Send official documents securely and get them signed electronically.

No modern sales toolkit would be complete without a way to measure and improve your sales performance on LinkedIn. Download the Social Selling Index Kit for everything you need to understand, measure, and improve the effectiveness of your individual sales activities on LinkedIn.