Why Best in Class Sales Enablement Is a Necessity

Companies have a great financial incentive to embrace best in class sales enablement. In this post, we offer three reasons why.

June 6, 2017

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If you’re a salesperson reading this, it’s a virtual guarantee that your sales efforts are dependent on content management and innovative sales technology. Maybe your organization isn’t up-to-date on the latest, greatest sales solutions, but you at least have some basic tools to support your efforts in reaching digital customers.

That’s an important first step in overhauling your sales strategy, but leveraging sales tech alone isn’t enough to improve your digital approach. Best in class sales enablement isn’t a piece of technology you install: It’s a system for managing your sales practices that affects not only your daily tasks, but also your organization’s sales culture.

If you aren’t already convinced, here are three reasons why best in class sales enablement is a must for your organization.

Your Sales Content Could Be Better Utilized

A digital sales strategy relies on many different pieces of content, used in a wide range of applications. Marketers have been using content management solutions to track where and how they use their various assets. The other big advantage is the ability to track the effectiveness of this content.

HubSpot points out that only 35 percent of sales professionals currently track their content’s effectiveness. But by tracking the performance of these digital assets, sales teams can begin to understand which assets exceed expectations, and which ones underperform.

Over time, improved content performance makes sales enablement more efficient, and your sales strategy improves as a result.

The Buyer’s Journey is More Important Than the Sales Cycle

Veteran sales pros remember the days of adherence to the traditional sales cycle. But the Internet has changed how sales pros fill their pipelines. Buyer behavior now dictates the progression of sales tactics, including the use of sales content.

Sales enablement recognizes that effective selling requires identifying key moments in the buyer’s journey, and building a strategy to reach the consumer with the right content at the right time. A best in class enablement solution helps organizations achieve this via targeted content with personalized sales messages.

Use sales enablement to align your content not just with specific stages in the buyer’s journey, but also with the buyers themselves.

Your Boss Wants to See Revenue Growth

You can’t fault your boss for wanting results. After all, sales teams are drivers of growth. But meeting growth objectives year after year can be challenging—especially when your sales unit works with substandard technology.

That’s where best in class sales enablement comes in. A study from Aberdeen Group found that best in class organizations reported that 75 percent of their reps hit their annual quotas, a gain of 50 percent over other companies.

Those same organizations reported 13 percent year-over-year revenue growth, a stunning 205 percent higher than average companies.

The numbers clearly show that improving your sales enablement strategy could be one of the best decisions your organization makes this year. Check out LinkedIn’s Definitive Guide to Smarter Sales Engagement for more tips and tricks on how to modernize your strategy.