Curated from LinkedIn's best how-to's and guides, introducing the 2019 LinkedIn Sales Solutions Box Set

February 5, 2019

2019 LSS Box Set: a heckuva deal

At LinkedIn, we want to enable you to be the ultimate sales professional by using some of the best content we had on hand, so we put together an unprecedented box set that includes our top learnings and handy tips on how to close deals faster and create more meaningful relationships in only a few easy steps.

When we talk to other sales professionals about what keeps them up at night, the concerns typically revolve around driving more revenue, shortening deal cycles, generating more leads, or achieving a larger market share. When we think about why companies can have difficulty in achieving these goals, we find it all comes back to one thing: conventional sales tactics no longer contribute to pipeline growth and closed deals like they once did. Good news though: Our 2019 LinkedIn Sales Solutions box set is ready to lead you to the path of sales righteousness.

The LinkedIn Sales Solutions Box Set includes three of our most popular eBooks and a very fancy (if we do say so ourselves) infographic.

Download one of our most exclusive box sets to date and rock your sales pipeline like the über-confident salesperson we know you are.