We See Salespeople as Essential Partners to Buyers. So Do Our New Real Faces of Sales.

The sales industry has suffered from misconceptions. But a new era is upon us.

May 23, 2019

LinkedIn Real Faces of Sales

It’s a challenging yet exciting time to work in sales. With rapid technological changes, a deluge of data at everyone’s fingertips and heightened expectations from buyers — there’s more demand than ever on those in B2B sales roles. Sales cycles have also become increasingly complex, including more decision makers than ever before. In fact, any B2B purchasing decision now involves an average of seven people. That’s a lot of people to influence.

Despite so much change, some things remain the same. Sales, at its heart, is a relationship game. Successful salespeople know that building deep and trusting relationships is really what delivers results. When salespeople know their customers, know their products and focus on providing value beyond the sale, they become essential partners to buyers.

According to our latest State of Sales Report, sales professionals rank ‘trust’ as the No. 1 factor in closing deals – above ROI and price – and 51% of buyers rank trust as the most important factor they desire in a salesperson. It’s the power of these deep and trusting relationships that is the focus of our latest iteration of ‘The Real Faces of Sales’ campaign.

Meet Rob, Sales Director at UNYQ, an industry-leading company that uses 3D printing to create medical wearables. Our new short film focuses on the relationship between Rob, the 3D printing company and the doctor who helped transform a patient’s life.

Watch the video and see how these seemingly ordinary transactions can make a real difference.

A new dawn in sales

Last year we focused on debunking the common misconceptions around sales. This year, we’re celebrating #RealSales and what it means to be a modern salesperson. Real sales is about generating personal bonds with clients. It’s about listening, showing empathy and being compassionate. It focuses on solving problems and providing personalised value. We see salespeople as essential partners to buyers and we want to show it to the world.

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