Taking You 'Inside the Sellers Studio': B2B Sales in the Age of Video Selling

June 28, 2019

Inside the Sellers Studio

It’s undeniable, modern B2B sales is evolving. In LinkedIn’s latest State of Sales Report, 73% of sales professionals use technology to close more deals and 97% consider sales technology to be “important” or “very important”.

It’s clear that to succeed in modern selling, a sales professional needs to leverage technology, intelligence tools, and social media to stand out from the crowd. The increasing adoption of newer technologies and the availability of information has transformed the selling landscape for both sellers and buyers.

However, we also know that trust and human connection still underlies the sales process. Buyers and sellers continue to value relationship building and having a human face throughout the sales process. In fact, 51% of decision makers rank trust as the number factor they desire in a salesperson.

Video as Part of Modern Selling

Modern selling is about using current technology and tools to connect with your customers authentically and turning that connection into a trusted relationship. One of the most valuable tools that a sales professional can use to build these relationships is video. According to Cisco, 80% of internet traffic will be video by 2020, and Forbes reported that 59% of B2B executives prefer to watch a video rather than reading a report.

To stand out in the increasingly competitive landscape, sales teams have to adapt to how potential customers are consuming information. By using video in the sales process, you can enrich every step of the sales process, from creating initial buzz and awareness to maintaining and growing current customers.

Introducing "Inside the Sellers Studio"

While video may be familiar to some sales professionals in the context of promotion or demos, videos can actually add value at every step of the sales cycle. This summer, LinkedIn will take you Inside the Sellers Studio to hear from industry experts and thought leaders in B2B sales on how using video has transformed the way they sell and connect with customers.

In the coming weeks, we will learn how different companies have used video in unique and effective ways to stand out from their competitors, adapt to the changing sales environment as well as the key things a salesperson needs to know before embarking on their own video journey.

Inside the Sellers Studio: Connect

Today, we are sitting down with Chad Lakin, VP at Shootsta North America, a company dedicated to empowering companies to create high quality video content at scale. In this short video, he shares with us his perspectives on video in the selling process, how video has enabled him to connect more authentically with potential customers, and what are the key things to consider when making your own videos.

Feeling Inspired? We’ve created a handbook for the video selling era to help you and your sales teams build the skills to create your own videos.

Download your free copy of Lights! Smartphone! Action! to learn:

  • The different ways that video can contribute to sales, from one-to-one introductory messages to how-to videos and answers to common questions
  • The optimum length for video at different stages of the sales journey
  • Simple ideas for creating on-brand videos that are still authentic and natural
  • The handful of gadgets that can help create professional quality videos without a complicated editing suite
  • Strategies for distributing video to maximise impact – and avoid bombarding your audience

The age of video selling is here. Let’s make sure you’re ready for your close up. Download your free copy of Lights! Smartphone! Action! today. And to close more deals, take a closer look at LinkedIn Sales Navigator.