A Buying Committee Reveals Exactly How It Wants to Connect with Salespeople

Interviews with Relativity Space’s buying committee offer insight into what buyers want from sellers

December 5, 2019

Get Closer to the Buying Committee

What does the buying committee want?

That’s a question every salesperson would like the answer to.

To uncover some answers to this crucial question, LinkedIn interviewed members of the buying committee at Relativity Space, a startup that is gearing up to send reusable rockets to Mars. The committee gave clear answers on how its individual members want to work with salespeople, and we’ve included some of the key findings in this slide deck, “Get Closer to the Buying Committee.”

Here are some of the key takeaways:

  • Relativity Space wants to work with salespeople who do their homework and are prepared.
  • The committee wants salespeople to understand the specific needs of Relativity Space.
  • The committee members want salespeople who can suggest useful, thoughtful solutions.

And here is a cross-section of revealing quotes from the deck:

The Buying Committee Craves Information

As someone who does a lot of purchasing, I receive a great deal of ads, emails, solicitations, and inbound mail. These range from being completely irrelevant to ones I’ll log in the back of my mind for future reference. What was irrelevant at one time can become relevant in the future. Having seen or heard something from a vendor, I can research it when the time is right. — Ruby Willman, General Operations Manager 

Developing Trust in a Salesperson is Crucial

Trust is fundamental to our core mission at Relativity. We’re trying to do a fantastical thing in terms of 3D printing a rocket within a short duration. To achieve that goal, we need to work with vendors that can meet our schedules and satisfy our needs for high-quality products. —Alex Kwan, Head of Finance and Business Operations

Relevance and Responsiveness are Essential 

The last thing we want is someone not telling us correct lead times or giving the wrong technical information. You can make erroneous and deleterious decisions based on bad information. By maintaining a good relationship with honest, open, and clear communication, salespeople can work with us to jointly achieve desired objectives. — Eliana Fu, Senior Materials Supply Chain Engineer

Nobody Wants a Cold Call

[Cold calling] is a desperate act, which leads me to believe they’re not confident in their subject matter. When a salesperson is extremely confident in their subject matter, it breeds confidence in me, making me more inclined to work with them. —Eliana Fu, Senior Materials Supply Chain Engineer

The Buying Committee Wants to Work with Vendors Who Think Long-Term

To win our business, vendors should think strategically about where their product is heading long-term. We’re a young company with huge growth potential. We aren’t looking for a one-off purchase. We’re looking for vendors that understand our mission and align with us early so we can grow with them. — Alex Kwan, Head of Finance and Business Operations

View the complete "Get Closer to the Buying Committee" slide deck.

Get Closer to the Buying Committee

And for a deeper dive into the interviews with the Relativity Space buying committee, download the guide, "Get Closer to the Buying Committee with LinkedIn Sales Navigator." 

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